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Spring mattress is also known as mattress coils. The top layer of the mattress is known as the comfort layer and the layer beneath is the support layer or the core. Primarily used in the core of the innerspring mattress, these do not adjust to the body heat unless the mattresses come with a layer of memory foam such as any spring mattress planted with a memory foam top.
Our Prestige Collection of spring mattress comprises a wide variety of advanced inner-spring mattresses which are designed to be durable and supportive, while layers of cushioning provide enhanced comfort. Springwel Mattress provides superior back support and outstanding pressure relief by gently conforming to every body contour. The result is luxurious and pampering sleep for your guest. So that they wake up refreshed and energized. We use fire retardant fabric which is naturally more resistant to fire.

Spring Mattress

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What is a Spring Mattress?

Most people consider spring mattresses a more traditional type of mattress. Mattresses with springs online offer support by pressing against your body the same amount of pressure, especially beneficial to people who weigh more than average. Support for the mattress comes from multiple metal coils woven throughout. 

Spring mattress provide structure along with bounce and support. An inner layer of coils with varying densities is present in spring mattresses. Spring mattresses in India account for a large percentage of mattresses sold today.

 It is important to note that when you buy a mattress online, a number of factors contribute to the quality of your mattresses, such as the kind of spring used, the thickness of the metal used, and the way the springs are connected. A foam layer is placed on top of coils within your mattress and various upholstery materials to increase its comfort level.

Layers of the Upholstery or Comfort layer consist of three levels or layers. As the support layer of the mattress, the springs serve as the core. The mattress core is held in place by the first layer, usually an insulator consisting of fibre or mesh. 

Springwel has the best spring mattress in India, offering superior lumbar support to your back and exceptional pressure relief for your aching body.

Types of Spring Mattress Available at Springwel. 

The right mattress is essential to getting a good night’s sleep every night. Springwel has the best spring mattress online. Featuring only the highest quality materials, you can be confident of a premium quality product. 

Invest in a durable, comfortable spring mattress that will improve the quality of your sleep. You can browse our collection of other mattresses if a spring mattress is not for you. 

Pocket Springs

Pocket spring mattresses are contemporary spring designs usually used in higher-end mattresses, which are also more expensive. Pocketed springs are composed of steel coils designed more ‘independently’. Each spring is protected by pockets of distinct fabric, and this spring helps reduce the partner’s movement.

Pocket springs are individually wrapped coils stitched into mattresses beneath layers of foam or another substance. Contrary to traditional innerspring that are interconnected, pocket springs are completely separate, allowing for more contour relief and pressure point relief compared to traditional innerspring designs by Mattress suppliers in India.

The most common rule for pocket coil systems is that the greater the number of coils, the more responsive and stable the mattress will be and still able to provide the necessary support. This directly leads to greater comfort.

Bonnell Spring

Bonnell springs are the most common and oldest types of mattress springs. In the early days of spring mattresses, Bennett springs were used, and they are still used in current models.

When you buy mattresses online, India made from Bonnell springs are known for their durability, effectiveness, and affordability. Their hourglass shape makes them ideal for mattresses. A spring mattress is composed of metal wires that connect each spring.

Mechanics refer to the action of curling a metal wire from the bottom to the top of a Bonnell spring. The interconnected nature of these wires tends to create more motion-sensitive issues, meaning that partner disturbances are often an issue.

The traditional technology used by mattress manufacturers and designing these mattresses makes them mostly economical. Since spring mattresses have equal placement of springs, they are ideally suited for supporting human weight.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Spring Mattress 

Considering a Bonnell spring mattress or a pocketed spring mattress? Mattress shopping can be confusing. It can be difficult finding the right mattress for you, but there are some questions you should ask that’ll help you narrow down your choices. These desideratum questions might help you out when you buy mattress online

What is the total number of springs?

It’s generally recommended that you sleep on as many pocket springs as possible. In other words, the higher the number, the better the support you will get from your mattress, which in turn means fewer sleep disturbances and a better night’s sleep. Mattress can range between 600-1000 springs. 

What’s the material of the top layer?

Although coil size and number are important factors for your mattress’ comfort and support, the top layer should also be considered. 

Our recommendation is to look for a hybrid mattress by a Mattress supplier in India that combines memory foam or gel with a spring system as the top layer – this will give you the pressure relief of a foam mattress with the support and bounce of a spring mattress. Softness can also be obtained from mattresses with a plush or polyfoam top layer. Mattresses can differ greatly in terms of their materials, quality, spring mattress price, and thickness.

How much Firmness do I need?

The firmness of mattresses cannot be measured in a standard manner; it varies from store to store. We are a mattress manufacturer that ranks mattresses based on their firmness using terms like a firm, medium, and soft, such as:

  • Soft mattresses: 3-5
  • Medium mattress: 6-7
  • Mattress firmness: 5-10

The lifespan of the mattress?

When you buy a mattress online that is a cheaper innerspring mattress or pocket sprung mattress, you might find it doesn’t last very well, and begins to sag over time. Only the first year can result in an innerspring mattress losing 16 per cent of its support. Simply flip your innerspring mattress every month to improve durability and shape to extend the life of the mattress.

As well as considering spring mattresses, other factors should also be considered, such as:

  • Spring count (number of springs)
  • The gauge (thickness) of the coil
  • The mattress’s weight capacity 
  • The material used for the comfort layer
  • Warranty duration

Why choose Springwel over others for your Spring Mattresses 

Mattresses with all springs are the best choice if you look for a good balance of comfort and support. Sleep on a pocket coil innerspring mattress would be much more enjoyable than most innerspring or foam-based mattresses. To get the most out of your long-term health and sleep, you must choose the right kind of pocketed spring mattress.

Springwel’s team of engineers and mattress suppliers evaluated a number of performance features sleepers might consider when shopping for spring mattress online. We assessed each bed’s ease of movement, motion isolation, edge support, and temperature regulation during our examination. To represent the wide range of sleepers, members of the testing team include side, back, stomach, and combination sleepers and people with different body types.

You can be certain that your mattress will keep you sleeping gently and provide the right support for years to come due to the high-quality and high-volume springs we use. As a quality mattress manufacturer, we provide our guests with a wide range of bespoke mattresses. You can choose between pocket coil systems, Bonnell spring mattress, and high-quality materials to customise your mattress experience. In our innerspring pocket coil range, you will also find a variety of hospitality and ultra-luxury mattresses. Alternatively, you may consider our orthopaedic pocket coil innerspring mattresses for older people with pain.

The materials used in the construction of our mattresses are of exceptional quality, and they are manufactured in-house. This allows us to ensure that your experience is as pleasant as possible. Contrary to others, we make heavy margins because we don’t outsource and sell finished products to make the spring mattress price affordable.

We believe that sleep is an integral part of health and that quality information about sleep will promote wellness in the long term. We want to provide dependable resources to help you take charge of your health and get the rest you deserve. With Springwel- the best mattress brand in India, you’ll find high-quality health information supported by expert reviews drawn from high-quality sources.

Advantages of Spring Mattress

The advantages of spring mattresses are numerous. Let’s explore a few:

Good air circulation

Your body is well-circulated when you sleep on a spring mattress. A good night’s sleep can leave many people feeling warm. Mattresses with open coils allow for more air movement than ones with closed coils. 

Pocketed spring mattress provides better airflow than memory foam mattresses. Memory foam mattresses have tighter cells. Overheating during the summer is very dangerous. So, when it comes to summer sleeping, it is always recommended to use a spring mattress.

Improved Durability

Choosing a durable mattress is crucial. Mattresses made of springs will last between 8 and 10 years, while mattresses made of memory foam will last for only 3 to 4 years. It is possible to use a spring mattress for more than a decade with proper care and cleaning.

In addition, memory foam mattresses conform to your body. However, your body type may change over time, so this isn’t ideal. Spring mattresses are best for durability, so pick them over memory foam mattresses from a top mattress brand in India.

Resistant to bacteria

As the spring mattress does not hold bacteria, other mattresses are less likely to do so. Additionally, this makes it cooler to sleep on a spring mattress. The cooler the temperature, the harder it is for bacteria to grow. Bacteria can’t live on spring mattresses by the best mattress brands in India since they are not foam. People can also clean them easily without being concerned.

Supports the body well

Mattresses with springs are more powerful than mattresses without springs. This makes them more suitable for nearly everyone. If you and your partner have noticeably different body sizes, spring mattresses will offer you just the right comfort level to be comfortable at night.

Among the market’s mattress manufacturers, spring mattresses offer the best support for people suffering from back pain. Getting the right support during sleep helps prevent body aches.

Factor of cost

In addition to the quality of the mattress, the cost is also a factor to consider. Over the past few years, spring mattresses have been less expensive than other mattresses. Thus, this mattress type is a good choice for budget-conscious buyers.

You will get a better value for your money with a Bonnel spring mattress than with a foam mattress. Always check what quality of the mattress you are purchasing before purchasing it. The market offers different spring mattress types today.

Frequently asked Question

1. Is memory foam better than spring?

Foam mattresses are not recommended for people with back pain. Foam mattresses will not fix your back problems because they are too flexible. A spring mattress will be more contoured to your spine and offer more firmness and support.

For generations, individually wrapped pocketed coils have been a standard feature of ultra-luxury bedding.

2.Does a Spring mattress cause back pain?

The most traditional kind of mattress is the spring mattress, also called an innerspring mattress. The best spring mattress in India is ideal for back sleepers and people who suffer from lower back pain. The mattresses are also a good option for people who find foam mattresses lack the support they require.
3.Which is the best Spring mattress in India? 

Pocketed spring mattress and Bonnell spring mattress offered by Springwel are the best ones on the market.  

At Springwel, we have a great variety of high-quality spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses, so you can rest easy knowing you are getting the right support for your body while you sleep. Our website features a wide selection of mattress specifications that you can explore. Once you have decided on the type of mattress you want, you can conveniently pay online for your mattress. 

4.How long do spring mattresses last? 

Mattresses made from springs usually last five to eight years before they start to sag. The coils of the mattress should be thicker if you want them to last longer. When you buy a mattress online, Springwel has a diverse range of mattresses for your comfort. And each mattress comes with up to ten years of warranty, so sleep well on a Springwel.