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Sleep is one time of the day when one experiences bliss. To attain that kind of experience, pillow and mattress are the basic accessories which come to mind which makes the experience along with other key factors turn into a reality.
And to successfully experience the bliss experience, quality of both mattress and pillows play a crucial factor which only Springwel Mattress can offer.


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Pillow – fibre or latex. Which is better?

As pillow acts as a support to the head for a time period of 4-8 hours every night, the right kind of pillow is henceforth very crucial for having a good night and sound sleep. The choice between cotton pillow, fibre pillow or latex pillow varies from person to person depending on their personal taste/opinion. For people who are single usually, use a pillow for hugging basis. Besides pillow, another accessory thing which comes just after that is a mattress.

Fibre or latex pillow may feel more comfortable and soft but if seen from a health perspective, those are most harmful and their shelf life also is quite small. For people who have a sitting job that is they have to sit from morning till evening, they require car comforter the most. Not moving a particular body muscle for hours may in the long-term have drastic consequences which in the worst case scenario may end up you being hospitalized.

As every individual has a specific head shape, so the ideal pillow and mattress for the individual also varies and Springwel having the privilege of offering different types of pillow and mattress since 1996 know pretty well different kinds of sleep accessories which changes from time to time depending on the age of an individual.

Tempur Mattress – What’s so different about it?

Mattress, an accessory on which the rest of the body [besides the head] rests upon essentially makes the difference as to whether the person will have an ecstatic or a horrible day. Tempur mattress accessories [car comforter, transit pillow, transit lumbar support, sleep mask, bed wedge, seat wedge] being made within company-owned facilities, makes a major difference to the quality being offered compared with other firms offering similar goods and services.

For people who are extremely health conscious prefer to use a mattress which is tech savvy that is a mattress built with TEMPUR-APR material which in short make the mattress turn soft and/or firm according to the type of body part is resting upon it.

Sleep and travel accessories. Do you really need them?

There’s a saying in one of psychology’s concepts that if you want to see a change in the environment around yourself, first change yourself. If the way you behave and act changes, then in time you will certainly see changes around your environment as well. Similarly, in the case of sleep accessories also, how the inside of the mattress is designed and built makes a big difference. If you are into travelling, then you must have figured out by now that accessories kept and used while travelling might seem like very small things but if those accessories are made from the right kind of stuff, then even if the overall travel distance is huge, then also you will have a comfortable journey. Tempur travel accessories are one of the few accessories available in the market which really makes the whole journey go as comfortable as possible.

While travelling many celebrities have mentioned this quite often that they prefer to use their personal travel accessories than use the goods and services offered to them while travelling. Indirectly they are telling that to excel in their respective professions, they need to feel relaxed and full of energy while starting a specific project of theirs and Tempur travel accessories which are being offered by Springwel recognizes this as well and hence people from all walks of life prefer to use Springwel sleep accessories.

The travel could be just going from home to office in your vehicle as well. As the number of vehicles getting purchased is increasing day by day[SUV’s, Hybrid’s, Electric operated or run on fuel], traffic congestion is a sure thing to come across while either going to an office or returning from office. To make this short journey go as smooth as possible, a car comforter from Srpingwel could help you not have any pain issues around your neck or head as well.

Type of sleep accessories may change from age to age similar to our opinions which change from time to time. Best sleep accessories could be chosen through a hit and try a method for a toddler or for a teenager, but the choosing criteria may change for individuals who are in between their late 20’s to 60’s or 70’s.

Sleepwel’s Tempur accessories having undergone constant changes whether it be in technology, operations or pre-sales and post-sales process, it has always offered goods and services to customers which surpassed their expectations and still does even as you are reading this right now.

So Springwel’s travel and sleep accessories would really be the best option to opt for yourself, your relatives, colleagues etc.

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