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Fibre Pillow

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Springwel Fibre Pillows are filled with highly flexible hollow fibre to give you unmatched comfort. A very fine channel of air running through the length of the hollow fibre, gives approximately 15% more volume than solid fibre. As air is added insulation, Springwel pillows are versatile giving airy feel during summer and maximum warmth in winter.

Customer Reviews

Since receiving my Springwel fibre pillow, I have been sleeping more soundly than I have in years. Without a doubt the most comfortable pillow I have ever owned. After years of suffering with neck problems and starting each day with a headache I am happy to say these are now a thing of the past. Sumita Singh

My Fibre pillow was money well spent. I swear by it - I get the best nights sleep and no aching shoulder.

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Fibre Pillow

Fibre Pillow

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