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Sleep Tips

Tips for Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Do you want to be productive, mentally sharp, emotionally balanced, and full of energy all day long? The following sleep tips will help you optimize your nightly rest, minimize insomnia, and lay the foundation for all–day energy and peak performance.

No Distractions Allowed :

Shutting off the television, putting the cell phone in another room, turning off the radio, and avoiding anything else you might have in your room that's going to distract you.You might think that those things are 'helping you', but really, they're just pulling you away from slumber.


Stick to a sleep schedule :

Go to bed and get up at the same time every day, even on weekends, holidays and days off. Being consistent reinforces your body's sleep-wake cycle and helps promote better sleep at night.


Comfy :

It's important to have a mattress that's comfortable, along with blankets and sheets that you like sleeping in, and a supportive, comfortable pillow. While we all have different needs, having enough room to stretch out, along with some comfortable cushioning, can help you get to sleep faster. Make sure your mattress an0d pillows are comfortable and supportive. It is important that they are free of allergens that might affect you while sleeping.


Get comfortable :

Create a room that's ideal for sleeping. Often, this means cool, dark and quiet. Consider using room-darkening shades, earplugs, a fan or other devices to create an environment that suits your needs.


Exercise :

Exercise won't help, right? It will just keep you up, right? Not really. The best kept sleep secret is that exercising a few times a week (Especially aerobic exercise) will give you a better, deeper sleep and let you go to sleep sooner.Avoid exercise within 3-4 hours of bed, however. Too close to bedtime, and you end up not being able to go to sleep.


Quantum of Sleep :

Getting enough sleep is vital, and for this, you need to listen to your body - some people function wonderfully with 7 hours, but others need much more. It really does depend. Most adults need 7-8 hours a night, and if you're finding yourself dragging in the morning, try to catch a few more 'zzz's' by going to bed sooner. When you've found the perfect amount, you should be able to wake up to the alarm ready to face the day.



Sure, that huge plate of comfort food - meatloaf, potatoes... - it was great then. But now, you're too full to sleep! How is that possible? Eating a heavy meal before bed can hurt you, and keep you up as your body tries to digest the excess. Instead, eat lightly, or nothing at all before you bury yourself in the sheets for the night.


Liquids aren't your Friend :

Don't get in a bottle of water while you're sitting in the bed, trying to sleep. You'll be getting up to go to the bathroom, and ruining the sleep that you just had with your little incident. Instead, drink enough throughout the day that you can go to sleep and stay asleep.


Nicotine. Alcohol. Caffeine :

Nicotine, caffeine and alcohol deserve caution, too. The stimulating effects of nicotine and caffeine — which take hours to wear off — can wreak havoc with quality sleep. And even though alcohol might make you feel sleepy at first, it can disrupt sleep later in the night.


Postpone worrying and brainstorming :

If you wake during the night feeling anxious about something, make a brief note of it on paper and postpone worrying about it until the next day when you are fresh and it will be easier to resolve. Similarly, if a brainstorm or great idea is keeping you awake, make a note of it on paper.


Make relaxation your goal, not sleep:

If you are finding it hard to fall back asleep, try a relaxation technique such as visualization, deep breathing, or meditation, which can be done without even getting out of bed. Remind yourself that although they're not a replacement for sleep, rest and relaxation still help rejuvenate your body. And fall back to sleep knowing you'll be much more productive and creative after a good night's rest.