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Terms & Conditions of the offer:

  1. The above “Pre-Book” Discount Offer is only applicable in Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Mumbai & Pune.
  2. 100% Payment to be made at the time of booking.
  3. Booking amount to be calculated on the basis of minimum 72x72 mattress.
  4. Customer can always upgrade the product but downgrading is not allowed. However the discount fixed at the time of booking shall remain fixed and shall not be increased on account of upgradation.
  5. All payments to be made by Cash / Credit Card / Debit Card / Cheque / Paytm etc in the name of Springwel Mattresses Pvt Ltd.
  6. The discount fixed at the time of booking shall not be changed under any circumstances even if the customer upgrades or the customer wants to postpone the delivery.
  7. The price and price list prevailing at the time of booking shall be applicable at the date of delivery. Any increase / decrease in prices shall not effect the cost to consumer due to change in MRP.
  8. In case the size of the mattress, at the time of delivery is different than the size booked, then the price of the required mattress based on the price list at the time of booking shall be applicable.
  9. The offer is Applicable for a pair of mattresses / double mattress only.
  10. Free delivery within city limits. However, in case the mattresses has to be delivered beyond 2nd Floor, Rs. 300 per pair of mattress shall be charged extra.
  11. The customer to confirm the exact size 10 days prior to delivery and make balance payment.
  12. Mattress will not be delivered until full & final payment is received by Springwel Mattresses Pvt Ltd.
  13. In case of a delay in taking delivery by the customer the discount shall remain the same.
  14. In case of Bajaj finance or any other EMI scheme the discount structure will be reduced by 5%. In case of EMI processing fee will be charged extra as per the norms.
  15. No other scheme can be clubbed with this “Pre Booking Discount“ Offer.
  16. In case the customer wants to upgrade or extend the time period the change in discount structure is possible only if the same is intimated within 7 days of booking and also (in case if there is an upgrade ) the difference amount is paid within 7 days of booking.
  17. Order once placed cannot be cancelled. In Case a customer still wants to cancel due to un-avoidable circumstances he/she can choose to do so by filling the refund form, however 5% of the booking amount or Minimum Rs 1000 /- whichever will be higher shall be deducted as administrative charges for processing refund.
  18. Kindly retain the pre booking form till the time of delivery.
  19. For Regular non-standard sizes, per sq. ft. price or the price for next higher size, whichever is lower will be charged.
  20. Refer Guarantee / Warranty card for complaints, if any
  21. Disputes if any, subject to Delhi Jurisdiction only
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