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Why mattress prices vary so much? Know it all!

The price-point of a mattress depends on several factors such as type, size, height, composition, and durability. The original price-point is not the only cost associated with mattress ownership. Here are a few more costs which may arise and lead to a change in mattress price:


Mattress customers sometimes have the option of purchasing a matching foundation to go with their new mattress. This may increase the mattress price. The price varies from brand to brand.


The mattress manufacturers offer free delivery and are coordinated via other courier services. However, some impose shipping charges offering delivery even in remote locations. Mattress manufacturers such as Springwel offer free delivery or delivery at minimal costs pan India.

Old Mattress Removal

Mattress companies often remove the customer’s old mattress for an additional charge. This may also lead to variations in the prices.

Mattress Returns

Mattress sleep trials are common; most companies allow customers to return their mattress within 30 to 90 days of their original purchase in exchange for a refund (specific lengths vary by company). However, many sleep trials include hidden ‘shipping and handling’ fees for customers that return their mattress during the sleep trial. These details are usually included in the fine print of the company’s sleep trial and return policy.

Mattress Exchange

In addition to mattress returns, many companies allow the customers to exchange their mattress during their sleep trial for a model of a different size or firmness. The same ‘shipping and handling fees apply. For mattress upgrades, customers will be required to pay the difference in price between the original and replacement. Approximately, one exchange is allowed per sleep trial.


The average sleeper spends a certain amount for a mattress which suits their comfort and support preferences. However, the mattress buyers are urged to research different products before making a purchase. In order to find the mattress at the lowest available price, compare different mattress based on factors such as type, material, firmness, composition and durability and also the company policies regarding shipping and delivery, sleep trials and warranty coverage.

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