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Why is a Latex Mattress effective for Arthritis patients?

Introduction to Latex material

Latex is a soft white substance located below the bark of a full-grown rubber tree. You will be surprised to consider latex as a natural material, given the strength and artificial feel of numerous of its final applications, like tires, rubber gloves, and tennis shoes.

The truth is, natural rubber latex does come from nature. The latex composition from different trees varies, but the foremost common one is native to South America. The tree also thrives in Southeast Asian plantations. Latex lives just beneath the bark of those rubber trees.

If you have problems like neck pain, body pain, etc., it is the right time to replace your mattress with a Latex mattress.

How a Latex Mattress is Made

The latex foam mattress is made in one among two ways. Either method offers distinctive benefits counting on what sort of mattress you are most curious about purchasing.

The Dunlop Method of creating Latex Mattresses

The Dunlop Method starts with eliminating latex foam or sap from a rubber tree. The sap is whisked into a frothy mixture of foam.

The mold is quite a sort of giant waffle iron with pins that are wont to conduct heat. The foam is then baked. During the baking process within the Dunlop method, sediment within the mixture sinks to the rock bottom of the mold. This process creates a firmer and denser underside (and total mattress) than you will find with Talalay mattresses.

This process of making a latex mattress contains harsh petrochemicals and reduces the complete customizability of a latex mattress that permits you to regulate the layers for comfort and firmness.

Because the Dunlop method creates firmer mattresses than Talalay mattresses, some people like to add a top comfort layer of Talalay latex to their Dunlop mattress core to supply a touch more relief for pressure points, for back pain relief, or to account for private taste.

The Talalay method of Latex Mattress Making

The Talalay method of construction begins the same as that of the Dunlop method. The process starts with the natural latex from rubber tree sap blended with air and whisked into a pleasant frothy foam. The foam is then poured into a mold, a bit like with the Dunlop method.

Here, though, the similarities end. Within the Talalay method, the mold is roofed and sealed. Then the air is far away from the mold via a vacuum. This creates a good distribution of latex inside the mold. The subsequent step is to freeze the latex particles at -20 degrees Fahrenheit so that they do not have the chance to settle as they are doing within the Dunlop method. Then the mold is heated to 220 degrees to “set” the mold.

Though the methods have some similarities, the differences between them set the mattresses they create apart. Both mattresses allow the power to regulate firmness and softness consistent with preference, provided they are not glued, and both provide a superb sleep experience.

Top 5 reasons that you need a Latex mattress

Pain reduction and Prevention

Many sleepers claim that a latex mattress either prevents or reduces pain because latex offers unique point relief, attributed to its natural buoyancy and resilience. Latex contours gently to the physical body but, unlike memory foam, has the power to recover from body impressions the instant you progress.


A choice of comfort levels provides you with the power to customize the sleep surface. For example, many mattress manufacturers have noted that the combined responsiveness and contouring of latex foam is probably the absolute best choice for those that suffer from chronic back pain, but there is a caveat—to urge maximum benefits from any mattress you would like to settle on the proper comfort level for your somatotype and sleep style.

Firmness levels for many latex mattresses range widely from extra soft and soft to firm and additional firm. Talalay latex is developed with eight firmness levels, allowing a real medium firmness sleep experience and soft and firm options.


Latex tends to last several years longer than other foam mattresses—in part due to its natural resilience, which allows the foam to return to its original shape after compression instantly. It similarly tests its foams for the softening effects which will occur when an individual continuously gets in and out of bed.


Naturally hypoallergenic, Talalay latex is certified as Oeko-Tex Class I, the very best rating possible. This certification verifies that every latex product is free from harmful substances and is safe. In addition to Talalay latex’s-Tex Class I certification, Talalay Global washes every core during a 5-cycle washing system.


Talalay latex features a breathable design and cell structure that makes a temperature-neutral environment—delivering 228 per cent more airflow than other latex foams for a cooler, easier night’s.

Talalay latex is right for people with allergies and asthma. It is naturally molded, mildew and mud mite resistant, and is inherently antibacterial and anti-fungal.

Environmentally Friendly

The rubber trees are safeguarded within the latex harvesting process—and they continue to be productive for 25 years, absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere and helping to scale back greenhouse gases.

Natural latex does not off-gas like synthetic foam or polyurethane. A “new” bed smell” also be present when the latex first arrives, but no harmful chemicals are being released: Talalay is formed of only natural ingredients.

Decreased Motion Transfer

If your old mattress wakes you up whenever your partner moves, you will appreciate the motion isolation of a latex mattress. Plus, remember that latex is understood for its full-body support.

How is a latex mattress effective for arthritic problems?

The characteristic blend of softness and body-aligning support of latex mattress India may allow people living with arthritis to urge the deep sleep that tends to elude them. This mixture of softness and support can make a clear difference for arthritis patients.

However, they will indeed help a start to urge sleep problems in check through. Better bodily alignment during sleep and a restful sleep environment can also increase your odds of sleeping better and longer and help alleviate arthritis pain.

Where to get the best Latex mattress in India?

The best way is to buy mattress online as it comes at reasonable prices. Moreover, you need not move anywhere around searching for the best. But, how will you assure the quality? Springwel is the answer to all the queries you have!


Latex can provide a relaxing sleep environment–by naturally controlling temperature, minimizing allergens, and aligning the spine comfortably and safely. It’s cutting-edge material for spinal alignment and alleviating painful pressure points, making it ideal for people with arthritis.

Your search for the best ends here. We at Springwel manufacture the best latex mattress in India.

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