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Why Do I Wake up With a Headache?

Why Do I Wake up With a Headache?

Cluster headaches, tension headaches and migraines can be characterized by throbbing sensation all over your head or a piercing pain at a particular spot on your head. While many people experience headaches one time or another, people with chronic headaches must look into their current sleeping platform.

A wrong mattress can be affecting your restful slumber. Most people may think that their poor quality coir mattress is causing the lower back pain, joint pain or allergies due to caught up dust mites. But their bad quality mattress may even cause headaches.

We all appreciate the importance of a good mattress in making us feel comfortable while sleeping at night. Having a right pillow and mattress also makes a big difference when it comes to preventing unnecessary headaches.

Replace Your Ageing Mattress

You spend almost one-third of your life sleeping. But many people fail to understand the importance of quality coir mattresses or any other type of mattresses for them. Headaches and poor sleep have a complicated connection, which is not completely understood.

Some studies have shown that sleep deprivation can trigger migraines. But why this happens is not clear to researchers and thus, still not fully understood. The experts have only come up to the conclusion that deep and restful sleep is important for every individual. The long-term results of bad quality sleep are also documented by certain researchers. And those consequences weakened the immune system and caused memory problems or other health conditions.

This proves that there are major side effects of sleeping on bad quality coir mattress and also one of the many reasons to cause headaches. Too rigid or too mushy mattresses can hamper your sleep quality, leading to stress and headache.

Even good quality coir mattresses come with a limited lifespan of about five to eight years or 10 years to the max. If you notice springs or valleys on your current mattresses, it’s time to buy a new one.

Chemical Off-Gassing

Do you know that mattress is also associated with chemical off-gassing, which is an odor coming from mattress materials? Many mattresses today are made from polyurethane foam and contain flame retardants or other compounds that may produce an odor for a few weeks.

While these materials have no health risks, some people are sensitive to chemical odors and may develop allergies or headaches due to this constant odor. Therefore, it is best to choose a mattress made from all-natural materials like organic latex, cotton or wool.

Right Mattress Relieves Headaches

If you’re suffering from headaches and thinking that your mattress is the culprit, do consider buying the right mattress type as per your preference and sleeping habits.

You may see a great improvement in your sleep cycle after sleeping on a high-quality mattress just for a few weeks.

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