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What’s the Right Mattresses for Your Age and Stage of life?

What’s the Right Mattresses for Your Age and Stage of life?

If your sleep is suffering, the first and foremost thing you need to start assessing is your mattress. But where to start? The experts at Springwel have collected their recommendations for mattresses throughout the ages of your life – with some good tips to consider before you start to shop for the mattress.

1. Best Mattress for Kids

Parents need to make the decision on what kind of bed their child will sleep on. Most families opt for a twin XL or full-size mattress for their child when it’s time for transition from the crib. The experts suggest saving the bigger and more expensive mattress for when the child enters the teenage years. As the crib mattresses are firm, a medium firm to firm will be a comfortable choice. Choose what offers support at the body and aligns for restorative sleep.

2. Best Mattress for Teens

There are three main considerations when it comes to buying a mattress for a teen.

  • Size – This depends on the age of the teenager and how much he/she has grown.
  • Durability – This depends on how long the mattress will be used. 
  • What position does the teenager sleep?
  • Choose the one which suits all your needs and requirements.

3. Best Mattress for Couples

Research suggests that their partner’s sleep problems have a negative impact on their own quality of sleep. In such a case, consider a change in the mattress. There are a number of important things to consider. Choose a good quality mattress with plenty of spring back and more to the firm side than soft.

4. Best Mattress for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women are encouraged to change their sleep style to side sleeping during the second and third trimester. Personal preference is the guiding light here. Some women often have back pain anyway so a mattress without a quality support layers can compound those body pains. Many people find pregnancy wedge or body pillows to be effective too.

However, no matter what anyone says choose the mattress that best suits you comfort and sleep needs.

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