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What Should You Look for in Branded Bed Sheets?

What Should You Look for in Branded Bed Sheets?

Everybody wants to make their beds the most comfortable bed they have ever slept in. Bed is the place where you spend the majority of your life and where you rest when you feel sick. Making your bed as comfy as possible is something many people take seriously for a good sleep.

It might be a thin layer between you and your mattress but quality branded bed sheets play a vital role in a good sleep. It refreshes you.

Bedsheets are an important accessory to beautify your room. Many people, particularly those who shop online, order bedsheets in a hurry and often ignore some important factors required while choosing. Bed sheets can on one side enhance the appeal and on the other side lead to skin rashes and similar problems too.

What type of Bed Sheets are Best?

There are different types of clothing material used to make the best quality bed sheets. The materials such as cotton/linen are more preferable. When looking at branded bed sheets in India for bedding, the options are endless.

There are many styles, colors, brands, and materials out there but to determine which ones are the best for your bed can be a challenge. So, it is very important to consider a good quality bedsheet. Here are some of the types of bed sheets that can make your sleep comfortable:-

a. Adorn your bed with cotton bed sheets

Cotton bed sheets make your bed look very elegant. The cotton bed sheets are cooler than the other material bed sheets. These bed sheets will give you a very comfortable sleep as they are very soft and breathable.

It is light and cool in nature and easy to wash as well. There are different varieties of cotton like Egyptian cotton, Upland cotton, and Pima cotton.

Here are some benefits of using branded cotton bed sheets:

1. Makes your bed look perfect

2. Softness of these lightweight bed sheets improves your sleep

3. Very durable and made out of pure cotton

4. Very affordable

b. Gear up with Flannel Bed sheets for cold winter nights

Flannels are luxurious bed sheets and ideal for cold winter nights. Flannel is a type of cotton that is made in such a way that fluffs up the cotton. These bed sheets are mostly available everywhere.

Some benefits of flannel bed sheets are:

1. Soft fabric that gives you a comfortable sleep

2. This fabric traps the body heat and makes you feel cool

c. Silk Bed sheets gives a Luxurious feeling

If you want to sleep luxuriously then you should prefer silk bed sheets. The silkworms make this soft and luxurious fiber. It is a must for a modern and dapper bedroom.

Some advantages of silk bed sheets are as under:

1. Very delicate and luxes a sensuous feelurious

2. Creates a perfect environment to Sleep

How do you know if a sheet is good quality?

If you are deprived of an adequate amount of sleep, you would actually be sabotaging your next day’s performance at your workplace. Besides this, your health is also going to be affected. Hence to sleep well, you should prepare your bed well with the best quality bed sheets.

1. Size – Branded bed sheets are available in different sizes like single, double, king and queen size. You may buy them as per the dimension of your bed and mattress. Hence, the best way is to know the size of your bed so that you can sort the bed sheet size accordingly.

2. Fabric or material – The fabric of the bedsheet is very important as it can lead to several skin problems and uneasiness. Bedsheets in the market nowadays are of mixed quality and hence, there is an extra need to consider the fabric or material before buying one.

3. Color – Bed Sheet color is also another important thing to consider. You will always love to buy, which matches the surroundings of your room. Many people go for solid colors, as it fits best with everything in the room. While others also go for some with designs over them.

4. Design – Bed sheets are available in different designs like checks, lining, floral etc. It gives an element to your bedroom and enhances beauty. Nowadays the bed sheets are also available in 3D pattern.

5. Fit – The fit is also an important aspect that should be considered while purchasing a bedsheet. A rudimentary fitted sheet, with elastic support at the corners, makes it simple, as the bed sheet stays at the place and also it becomes easy to remove it from the mattress.

6. Shrink estimates – Many bed sheet manufacturers provide information with respect to the shrinking of the bedsheets after first or subsequent washes. This shrink percentage could be as high as 7% shrinking your king-sized bed sheet to a normal one.

What Thread Count is Best?

The bed sheet’s thread count is also an important factor to consider while buying a branded bed sheet. It is a certain thing that is listed on the manufacturer’s label. The more the count, the better the quality.

The best quality is considered when the thread count is at least 200 or above. However, it is recommended that the thread count should never be below 175.

Why You Should choose a Branded Bed Sheet?

Branded Bed sheets are one of those things that you get what you pay for. They are perceived as expensive and of the highest quality. However, with so many brands in the market, the perception has changed.

The one which is expensive need not be of highest quality today and the bedsheet which is priced low might not be of the worst quality too. It’s all about matching the description of all that matters like size, material, high thread count, etc. that we mentioned above.

One of the biggest differences between expensive and cheap bed sheets is the length of time they will last. Maybe branded bed sheets are expensive but they will also last longer than a cheaper bed sheet.

Cheap bed sheets that are comfortable will break down a lot faster. If the value is worth it to you to have bedding that will last for years and years you should perhaps invest in a nice pair of branded bed sheets. If you don’t mind buying new sheets every year or two a cheaper set may be the way to go.

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