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What Causes Sleepwalking?

According to studies, sleepwalking, also known as somnambulism, is a behaviour disorder that leads us to walk even when we’re sleeping. This problem is more common in children than adults and also observed in sleep-deprived people.

So, what causes sleepwalking? Let’s find out!

Sleep Deprivation

As mentioned earlier, sleep deprivation is one of the reasons linked to sleepwalking. However, this is not the sole reason for sleepwalking.

But if any of your immediate family members do nocturnal wandering too, you’re 10 times more likely to sleepwalk.

Messy Sleep Schedule

A messy or erratic schedule can cause it as well, for similar reasons as sleep deprivation. People on irregular schedules are often sleep-deprived, leading to the same disorders and conditions.


Women are more likely to get stressed due to hectic home or work schedules. This is what hampers their quality of sleep.

Bad Mattress

When it comes to sleep disorders, we don’t think about mattresses much but your old mattresses could be one of the culprits. You must invest in a good quality rebonded foam mattress or any other mattress of your choice to get a comfortable sleep throughout the night.


Although the science is not 100% clear about this one, alcohol is believed to decrease your sleep too. You may experience Slow Wave Sleep (SWS) in the first two to three hours before being fast asleep, and it’s the prime time when people sleepwalk.


Even certain medications are associated with sleepwalking, especially the sleep-aids. So, you must consult your doctor and before taking any prescriptions, know about the side effects of medications.

Sleepwalking Treatment

In certain cases, the problem of sleepwalking is resolved on its own without treatment. For instance, it is common in children to sleepwalk but when they grow older, it’s cured without treatment.

But in some cases, sleepwalking needs to be treated by meditation, relaxation techniques or medications. If you want to stick to the natural treatment, you may go for relaxation techniques and meditation, followed by replacing your old mattress with the best quality bonded foam mattress, as the mattress does play an important role in improving your sleep quality.

However, if these natural remedies don’t resolve the problem, you need to consult the doctor to prescribe you some effective medications. If you don’t want to involve medication, you must consider hypnosis.

According to studies, during hypnosis, you’re hypnotized and suggested to sleep early and wake up early.

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