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What Are the Risks of Purchasing a Used Mattress?

When looking for a mattress, you might think, “If I can purchase a used car, why not buy a used mattress?” While you’re not the first person to consider this, it’s better if you throw away this idea as soon as possible. Why?

This is because buying a used mattress online comes with certain risks that are not worth the money you spend on it. Here, we’ll talk about the four reasons why you should not buy a used mattress:  

1. You cannot evaluate the quality

Unlike a used car or a mechanical object, you cannot evaluate the quality of a mattress, as you don’t know what’s inside. Certain parts of mattresses deteriorate over time, including foam and springs, and they are not visible from the outside. In short, a used mattress might be in bad shape from inside but still, look new on the outside. So, you cannot evaluate its quality if a mattress is already used.

2. You’d require a new one sooner

A mattress is expected to have a good lifespan of 7 to 10 years. But buying used mattresses puts you at a disadvantage, as you don’t know how long it will last.

Even if a mattress appears to be in good condition, you are only shaving off more years of its life. Besides, used mattresses don’t even come with a warranty. So, if anything goes wrong, there is nowhere to go to replace it.

3. You’re not sure how a used mattress has been cared for

Bed bugs, dust mites, rain damage, pet dander, etc, – there are so many potential threats associated with a used mattress. You simply cannot tell how well a used mattress has been cared for, no matter how clean is its exterior. But on the inside, mattresses can’t be washed or sanitized that also puts you at more risk of different health problems, such as allergies, asthma, etc.

4. Older mattresses don’t have better technology  

Lastly, the old mattresses are not embedded with the latest technology. Since the mattress market is constantly evolving with advanced technology to make it more comfortable for different sleeping positions, buying old mattresses online leaves you at a disadvantage of being stuck with old technology.

Therefore, purchasing a new mattress rather than an old one will ensure you get the most out of your money in terms of comfort, extended use, technology and cleanliness.

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