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the best mattresses to buy in 2020

What are the best mattresses to buy in 2020?

After a long day at work, you deserve a good night’s sleep for waking up energized and refreshed the next day. However, with today’s hectic work schedules, it has become impossible to get a restful night’s sleep.

Besides relieving stress and other mental or health issues, your mattress also plays a major role in helping you get a good sleep. So, it’s essential to invest in quality memory foam, innerspring or any other suitable mattress as per your sleep habits and other preferences.

Buying Mattress in 2020

When planning to buy a mattress in 2020, you look at certain aspects like thickness, size, durability, support, conforming ability, motion isolation, etc. You must be satisfied with all these aspects while making the buying decision.

Size of the mattress

There are different mattress sizes available in India, such as Single, Twin, Full, Twin XL, King, Queen and more. Depending on your bed and your preference, you need to choose the right size of mattress.


The thickness of your mattress is another important feature. Usually, the thickness of mattresses varies from 5 inches to 15 inches. It depends on your body weight that which depth of the mattress is suitable for you.


The firmness of your mattress depends on the weight of the person and his/her sleeping position. If you weigh less than 60 kg, you can go for a softer mattress. But for those who weigh more than 60 kg, opting for a firmer mattress is a good decision. Plus, people who sleep on their side must go for a softer mattress, whereas those who sleep on their stomach or back should pick a firmer mattress to feel comfortable.


Usually, a mattress can last for around 7 years depending on how often it’s used. If you’re a frequent user or live with kids at home, your mattress may not last for 7 years. However, it also depends on the composition of the materials used for manufacturing. The coir mattresses have a shorter lifespan compared to a spring mattress. Furthermore, the memory foam mattress can last for more than 7 years.


When talking about mattress supporting your body, we look at the bed’s ability to offer even surface for aligning the pelvis and spine. For instance, compared to spring and airbed mattresses, softer latex mattresses don’t provide consistent support to your body.

Top 5 rated mattresses?

Memory Foam

Are you looking for a comfortable mattress that offers great support to your body while sleeping? The memory foam mattress is a wonderful choice for side sleepers and back sleepers. The best thing about a memory foam mattress is that it contours to your body, making you feel partially surrounded by your mattresses while enjoying the right support. Another benefit of the memory foam mattress is that it contains multiple layers of foam to resist sagging over time. This eliminates the need for flipping your mattress routinely.

Spring Mattress

Spring mattress is designed to offer you unmatched comfort to ensure healthy sleep. It consists of high tensile steel springs to provide much-needed support to body contours while retaining the natural “S” shape of the spine. With maximum support and comfort due to PU foam padding, it gives you amazing edge-to-edge support and an expanded sleep surface. This is a great mattress choice for tummy, back and side sleepers.

Bonded Mattress

Springwel bonded mattress is made after several years of research and development. These mattresses are made from super-dense bonded PU foam for preventing sagging while offering durability, comfort and orthopaedic firm support. Their Durabond mattress is great for people inclined towards health.

Latex Mattress

Springwel Latex Mattress is made from natural latex, elastic material with uniform-sized, open and interconnecting cells. They offer the 7 Zone Latex mattress with seven firmness zones to provide support to different body pasts while correcting your sleep posture. It also helps in promoting healthy blood circulation and the elimination of excess body pressure.

Coir Mattress

Coir mattress is an extra thick mattress that’s specially crafted for offering an extra cushioning feel without compromising with back support. It has an extra thick layer of PU foam (high density) between different coir blocks to offer the highest level of luxury and comfort.


Before you buy a mattress, you need to consider its firmness level, quality, thickness and many other aspects to ensure the mattress is suitable for your needs. From coir mattresses and latex mattresses to ortho memory foam mattresses, there are so many options available to you. But it’s best to do your online research and only invest in the best quality mattresses from reputed brands.

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