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Top 7 Reasons you need a New mattress

Waking up refreshed after a decent night’s sleep looks as if it is a luxury for several people. But, if it was not for loud alarm clocks, strong cups of coffee, and hot showers, making it into work, the very first thing might well be even more of a struggle.

You may blame a poor night’s sleep on stress, work, or perhaps diet, but the probabilities are it could somewhat be right down to your types of mattress.

There should be a sense of awareness of how to tell if you need a new mattress and what you need based on different factors. Selecting the right mattress is very important for you it influences your behavior all day long.
Importance of a good quality mattress

The way sleep is important for the build so is that the sleeping surface. An ideal sleeping surface promises a decent posture after we sleep to safeguard our back.

In addition, a good sleeping surface ensures that the natural curve of the spine is secured and our ears, shoulders, and hips are aligned while we turn while sleeping.

A decent mattress offers an ideal balance of required comfort and support, keeping the natural spinal alignment and body posture, thus significantly enhancing the standard of sleep. In addition, you should have clarity over the time to replace your old mattress with a new one.

Top 7 reasons that you need a new mattress

1. If your mattress exceeds seven years after purchase

Research has shown that mattresses have a life cycle of about eight years, but this is often different and depends on the manufacturer, the sort of mattress, no matter whether you are sleeping alone or together with your partner and therefore the way you sleep.

2. Body Impressions

Think of the mattress as an excellent marshmallow. Once you are sleeping on a fresh, new marsh mattress, it comes back once you get out of bed.

Sleeping at an equivalent place in the dark after night puts pressure on an equivalent area for all those hours, creating an enduring impression that will make it difficult for that very same are not recover.

3.Your spine is not aligned once you are sleeping

No matter how old (or new) your mattress is, you will not get the optimal sleep if it does not offer the proper support and alignment. For the rear or abdominal thresholds, the natural S-curve of the spine should be obvious when lying on the mattress.

4. Your mattress is uncomfortable

Knowing if your mattress is comfortable seems logical, but many of us adapt to discomfort. If you are happier at a hotel mattress or during a friend’s room, the bed you employ reception might not be comfortable enough. The bed could seem comfortable within the showroom, but it does not work well in reception.

5. You wake stiff and sore

Bad sleep can contribute to severe back pain. If you awaken and stiff on a day to day, your mattress could be a part of the matter. For example, if the rear pain is burning once you awaken but relax when stretching and moving, it means the mattress causes or contributes to your pain.

Chiropractic is a pain relief alternative for muscles, joints, bones, and animal tissue, like cartilage, ligaments, and tendons.

6. Worsening allergies or asthma

If it is not allergy season and there are no other explanations for increasing allergies or asthma symptoms, your mattress could also be the cause. Slate interviewed an expert on dust mites who said that your mattress might be a “crime scene in terms of how it gets inoculated with [dust] mites” over time.

7. In case of gained or lost weight

For those that experience a big gain or weight loss during the life cycle of your mattress, the change may affect the effectiveness of your mattress. Canadian studies have linked insufficient and excessive roll in the hay increased weight. Therefore the way you sleep and what you weigh are intermingled.

Different types of mattresses for you

Innerspring mattress

An innerspring mattress uses a steel coil network. The spring shapes, designs, coil gauge, and the number of coils during a mattress can vary.

Pillow-top mattress

Pillow-top mattresses have a further upholstery layer sewn onto the highest mattress highest as if pillows were placed on top of it. This layer is often made up of a spread of fiber and foam materials.

Hybrid mattress

A hybrid mattress combines a steel coil network with one or more sorts of foam, like polyurethane, memory (viscoelastic) or latex, and foams containing gel or other materials.

Specialty foam mattress

Speciality foam mattresses use one or more sorts of foam because of the network. the foam could also be polyurethane, memory (viscoelastic), or latex.

Gel mattress

Gel mattresses use foam that contains gel within the product’s network, upholstery layers, or both. The gel foam offers consumers different comfort, feel, and warmth dissipation features.

Memory foam (viscoelastic) mattress

The memory foam mattresses use a high-density polyfoam because of the network, within the upholstery layer, or both. This foam contours closely to the form of the sleeper.

Latex mattress

Latex mattresses use latex foam because of the network, within the upholstery layers, or both. The latex mattress
could also be made up of plant- or petroleum-based materials.


Airbeds use an adjustable air chamber because of the network. Unlike mattresses used for camping, the air chamber of a residential air bed is roofed by padding or upholstery materials, including various foams and fiber.

Airbeds allow you to regulate their firmness and typically allow all sides of the bed to be controlled separately to satisfy couples’ individual and changing needs. Airbeds are designed to seem sort of a conventional bed.


Waterbeds use a water chamber because of the network. There are two sorts of waterbeds: hard-sided and soft-sided beds. A hard-sided waterbed features a water chamber inside an elongated wood frame.
How to choose the right type of mattress

From sleep style to negotiating with a bedfellow, how do you know when you need a new mattress:

  1. If you would like an abundant top

Innerspring mattresses typically have either a fiberfill or outer foam layer, covered in quilted ticking. But albeit you would like an uber-plush feel, do not be swayed by a thick-looking pillow-top because it can compress over time.

  1. If you wish to vary it up

Consider an air-filled mattress, like Sleep Number, which features a remote that controls what proportion of air is inside. There are also foam mattresses with soft and firm sides, so you will flip it over as required, and modular designs permit you to progress around the springs from the within.

  1. If you sleep on your back

You will want something within the middle — a surface that supports but has some give, so your spine is kept during a healthy alignment. You will find happiness with any of the mattress types, but you ought to do your best princess-and-the-pea impression to ascertain what feels best to you.

  1. If your partner tosses and turns all night

Medium-firm picks will all have good “motion isolation.” But remember, these models could be less comfortable on the body of a restless sleeper, as there is little forgiveness against one’s movements.

  1. If you cannot decide what matters most

Some savvy mattress manufacturer makes a hybrid-style mattress that mixes the buoyancy of an innerspring core with the motion isolation of memory foam. It is a best-of-both-world option that will satisfy many partner disputes and sleeping styles.


Considering the health benefits that it can give, like facilitating your slenderize, improving your memory, and living longer, can you put a tag on a mattress?

Often consumers buy a bonded foam mattress supported word of mouth. However, word of assurance offers peace of mind, but not the peace to spine. Mattresses are not designed to last forever, and overwhelmingly wear and tear will make a product age faster than expected.

If you have any plans to buy mattress online, Springwel is the best option for you. We offer high-end services to our customers and ensure all their requirements are met.

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