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The Ultimate Guide to What’s Inside Your Mattress

A mattress is your best friend at night; comforting you when you go to sleep in the night and helping you sleep blissfully to get up the next morning refreshed and raring to go. If you wish to buy a mattress online, take a look at a few important points about mattresses, as well as the prerequisites to buying the right mattress.

Learn the lingo of mattresses

Before buying a mattress online, ensure you learn the basic words associated with mattresses. Some of these include:

Foundation/Box Spring: While in a platform bed, the platform will double as the foundation for the bed, traditional mattresses rest on separate stationary or adjustable foundations.

Foam: When you want to buy a mattress online, you need to be careful about the type of foam you choose. There are several types of mattress foams in the market, including latex, memory or convoluted foam, with each type of foam offering different levels of comfort. You need to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Coils: The steel springs featured inside an innerspring mattress offers support when resting or sleeping. Individually pocketed coils can be more expensive than continuous coils, which also ensure minimal movement when someone moves on the bed.  The price of the mattress also varies according to the number of coils, as well as the thickness of the coils, in the mattress.

Firmness: While soft mattresses can offer support for the body, they tend to lose their equilibrium over a period. A firmer mattress in comparison will provide a more level surface for all the parts of the body over a long period.

Don’t Rely on the Price Alone

Do not let money be the only factor that you consider when you buy mattress online. While you may be tempted to choose a sub-standard mattress for a cheaper price, know that you will start noticing the side effects of sleeping on it in the long run. Investing in an expensive but very supportive and comfortable mattress is a long-term investment, assuring you of blissful sleep for over a decade.

Go Shopping with Your Partner

Most of us make the mistake of shopping for mattresses alone. The problem with this is that while you may find the mattress comfortable, your partner may not. The mattress must be comfortable for the person who sleeps on it. Therefore, ensure to go shopping with the person who will sleep on the mattress and have him/her test different styles to choose the one that suits him/her the best.

Make Mattress Testing Compulsory

Make sure you test every mattress you see. Since you will be using the new mattress for at least a decade, you should take the time to test each mattress by lying down on it. Try different sleeping positions to see if the mattress is comfortable and supports your body. If you want to buy a mattress online, ask the online shop/company if they have a trial period to test out a mattress before you buy it.

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