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Springwel Mattress – How Good Sleep Helps Your Brain?

Springwel Mattress – How Good Sleep Helps Your Brain?

The science is in, and it turns out that getting a full night’ sleep is just about the best thing you can do for your mental health. The mattress experts say that it’s not just that you will wake up refreshed but proper sound sleep will make you more empathetic, increase your memory and boost your critical thinking and decision making skills. This is why the age-old question of HOW TO GET GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP remains.

Sleep is an important step in how your brain processes the information, reinvigorates the cells which transmit information back and forth to the different areas of the brain. Deep REM sleep is a key component to brain health. Here are a few ways in which sleeping well and on a good quality mattress benefits the brain.

Short Term Benefits!

Sleep has proven to help with formation of new memories and long-term learning. It has to do with how information is stored in the brain. Think of your brain like a hard drive. It’s connected by all these little pathways called neurons that transmit electric pulses of information.

When we sleep, we clean those pathways and allow our memories to be moved from short term memory into long term memory. That means that the recall of that specific information will be much stronger when you give the brain a night to recover, instead of pulling that all-nighter.

Springwel, a leading mattress manufacturers says that good sleep helps you make better decisions. The amygdala is a vital component of the brain and decision making. Research says that the optimal state has been directly tied to sleep. Short change your sleep and you risk destroying your amygdala, which has been related to decision making, emotional balance and empathy.

Long-Term Benefits!

Good sleep helps your brain age and conversely not getting good sleep is a severe detriment. Long-term sleep loss is linked to all kinds of neurological disorders from dementia and Alzheimer’s. It turns out the brain is a muscle and just like any other muscle, needs to be worked out and allowed to replenish.

Good quality mattress allows you to control and result in a significant decrease in the stress levels. This shows that increase in sleep quality and decrease in pain are associated.

If you do not get enough sleep each night, the Alzheimer related protein builds up. It’s a vicious cycle, as the proteins build up, it becomes harder to sleep, and brain function decreases hence, the greater your risk of going on to develop dementia in later life.

But the good news is that all these benefits are easily attainable and the risks of long-term neglect can be avoided to just SLEEP MORE!! You will see the added benefits immediately and your friends and family will appreciate the change.

So treat yourself to quality sleep with a quality mattress. Try Springwel mattresses who offer reasonable prices and hassle-free delivery. 

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