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Orthopedic Memory For Mattress for your Back Pain

When you decide to buy a new mattress it feels great in the store, but after you get it home, a few nights later, you find it is really too firm and uncomfortable for yourself to sleep in. This is often because people select firms, looking for support, but they forget a barrier of soft cushioning will be required to make the mattress totally comfortable. A down bed can really alleviate the discomfort without diminishing any support.

How to pick the right mattress for yourself?

Sleep is a very important factor for living a healthy and happy life; its absence can affect both our health and quality of life. Back pain is one of the most common issues which have a direct effect on your sleeping cycle. The main question to figure out here is “How to choose the best mattress for someone who has chronic back pain?”.

But before jumping into which mattress to choose, you need to consider the following factors when planning to buy a mattress online:

  • Comfort – Comfort is important, especially when you experience back pain. You need a firm and supportive comfortable mattress to get a good sleep while relaxing your spine and back muscles.
  • Support – If a mattress is unable to provide enough support, it may get a bit detrimental to your body after some time. The support of a mattress depends on a high-quality coil and construction. Even padding is important, in addition to the coils, for making a mattress more supportive.
  • Durability – It is important to consider the fact that how long your mattress is going to last. Always buy mattresses in materials like coir or cotton, as these are the most durable ones. Even consider the weaving pattern of mattresses before buying one.
  • Memory foam – Memory foam mattresses are considered to be the best because of their ability to evenly distribute your weight on its surface. These mattresses help in providing the utmost support and relief to the back pain, as well as keep themselves free from dust and allergens.

Factors you should know before buying online back pain mattress 

If you are suffering from back pain, you already know how critical it gets when you don’t have a good mattress to support your back while sleeping. That’s the reason why even doctors recommend you to invest in a good back-supporting mattress to alleviate the pain.

One can choose from the 3 levels of comfort:

Hard – People who suffer from back pain and problems are recommended to have a hard mattress by orthopedic doctors. Go for a solid type mattress which is not that soft. Choose from the wide variety of hard type mattresses in India offered at Springwel’s website.

Medium – If your preference is not very soft neither very hard than a medium comfort mattress is an ultimate surface to sleep on. Buying a mattress with this type of comfort is a good decent option.

Soft – To feel a more comfortable sleep this type of mattress is the best option to consider. If you are looking for a bed type to sink while sleeping, buy a soft mattress.

Do orthopedic mattresses usually ‘work’?

Our spine, muscles, or other joints in the body need support while we sleep. Sleeping on orthopedic mattresses is found to provide relief to back and body pain and avert future injuries that might result from sleeping without the correct alignment of the spine. But how do orthopedic mattresses provide help?

There are numerous variations of an orthopedic mattress, including memory foam, air or water beds, latex, and a special spring construction that is planned to provide additional support compared to the old-style inexpensive spring mattress. Each orthopedic mattress material offers diverse benefits and different levels of support, so you can be sure to find the one that is perfect for your body.

What Are the Best Mattresses for Back Pain? 

There is a memory foam mattress that consists of a number of layers. The topmost layers are made of memory foam and as the name implies, this kind of foam is a body that exerts maximum pressure/weight like the buttocks and the back. This mattress also contains a layer of latex, which provides extra warmth to the body and provides the user with the effect of being cradled. Below these layers, there are coils of springs. 

Most mattress suppliers don’t realize that selling an efficient mattress can be very remarkable for their business ventures and can provide them with repeated customers throughout their business. For some people, a good old spring mattress is the best choice. For them, memory foam just does not make sense as they feel that these mattresses do not have the same springiness.

There are so many options to buy mattresses online; however, the following are the best mattresses for back pain in India:

Memory Foam Mattress – Infinity 

Springwel offers you Infinity Mattress, which is one of the premium products incorporating NASA technology based memory foam. This foam is able to sense shapes as per your individual body contour. It molds according to your body shape and pressure while evenly distributing your body weight for better support and comfort. It is also wonderful for relieving the pressure of your painful joints.

Memory Foam Mattress – Infinity Green

It is one of the best mattresses online to help you tackle your sleep problems while providing sufficient support to the back. The mattress includes various layers of material to offer maximum comfort and support. It also has “zones” that provide extra pressure relief for your shoulders and lower back.


Most mattresses have a life expectancy of around five to ten years; but, Springwel mattresses can last much longer due to its premium quality design and build. The lifespan of your mattress will enhance based on the quality of the mattress you buy, meaning the better the quality of the mattresses the longer it will last.

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