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Memory Foam Mattress vs Orthopedic Mattress | Which is Better?

What does memory foam mean?

A memory foam mattress brings together a layer of memory foam with springs or support foam. A unique feature of memory foam is it uses your body heat and softens and moulds the mattress to your shape. It reacts to the pressure created and evenly distributes body weight. Once the pressure is removed it returns to its original shape. Over time the memory foam will remember your body shape and your optimal sleeping position. Thus the name “memory” is given to it. The basic kind of memory foam is made out of high-quality polymer. Memory foam is a very durable material and has a high density to provide good support and excellent pressure relief.

Qualities of Memory Foam

Memory foam has progressed a long way since it was invented. There are some key benefits of memory foam which are,

Uses Your Heat

The memory foam is able to use your heat and body pressure to form your exact shape. The body heat that is released softens the foam and makes it more vicious. This aspect allows the body to sink in and the mattress takes the shape of the body. This makes a person sleep more comfortably at night as the memory foam mattress is perfectly indented to suit them and their body type.

Soothe Pain

Memory foam mattresses are highly beneficial in terms of relieving pain on pressure spots. If you are suffering from pains of arthritis or joint pains, these mattresses are the perfect purchase for you.

Beneficial for Light Sleepers

The memory foam mattress is so made that you are less likely to feel your partner moving or tossing on the other side of the bed. This is because of the density of the mattress. The movement of the body is absorbed by the mattress rather than transferred.

Ideal for People Suffering from Allergies

It has a very dense and thick structure for which it reduces the number of allergens that can be built up. This mattress is very helpful for people suffering from allergies.

Temperature Control Support

These are made using temperature sensitive material. This allows the mattress to adjust body heat and weight. It distributes your body weight evenly and makes it a perfect cozy structure to sleep on.

Disadvantages of a memory foam mattress

  • Although memory foam mattresses are highly beneficial, it comes with a few disadvantages as well.
  • Memory foam mattresses can be cosy at first, but later on, you might discover dips and sags.
  • Memory foam mattresses can be quite heavy to carry.
  • In hot climates, these mattresses are softer than expected, and in winter climates it becomes very hard to sleep on.
  • Since these mattresses are not aired properly, mainly have complained about odour.
  • It is not suitable for people who like to change their position while sleeping.

Is memory foam better than regular foam?

Memory foam mattresses are denser and expensive than regular foam mattresses. Memory foams tend to provide more of a pinpointed feel than regular foams. Both the foam mattresses are quite similar, but in the case of memory foam, it contains additional chemicals which increases its density and viscosity. Regular foams are more bouncy and contain more spring than memory foams. Memory foams have additional heat up capacity that absorbs the heat from the body of a person and makes the mattress softer. Memory foam mattresses are more user friendly.

Why do you go for Orthopedic mattresses?

  • You cannot have a relationship with your back pain forever. Orthopedic mattresses act as saviours in this field. Orthopedic mattresses ensure correct alignment of your spinal cord and help to reduce stress on the spine and eliminate back pain. You can gain the correct posture of sleep, and it enhances your blood circulation. People suffering from joint pains and backaches usually opt for orthopedic mattresses. It is specially designed to support the muscles, bones, and joints. The benefits of the orthopedic mattresses are as follows
  • The orthopedic mattresses give optimal support to all the pressure points, conforming to the contours of the person’s body.
  • This mattress prevents the body from sinking and curling up.
  • It provides increased comfort and promotes better posture, thus better sleep at night.
  • These mattresses don’t bounce like pocket sprung mattresses.
  • Although it is expensive than any other mattresses, in the long run, it is a wise investment because its durability lasts longer than any other type of mattresses.

When is an Orthopedic Mattress a Good Option?

For a person suffering from intense arthritis, joint pains, and backaches, orthopedic mattresses are the best options to go for. It offers high levels of support and pressure relief. They are particularly useful for those who suffer from aches and pains, especially at night, and crave the correct posture and comfort to get sound sleep. In today’s busy lifestyle, this type of mattress acts as your best friend and takes care of your back. Since sleep plays a very important role in good health, you should always opt for something that serves your needs and reduces the pains and aches that you are facing.

What mattress should you buy? Memory Foam or Orthopedic Mattress?

Both mattresses have their own specifications. But the two are similar in some ways. Both are similar in keeping the spine aligned. Both mattresses are made to cater to the different needs of individuals. If you are suffering from pressure points, chronic neck pain or joint pain, or if you suffer from breathing problems, you should opt for memory foam mattresses. On the other hand, if you suffer from spinal alignment issues and intense back problems, orthopedic mattresses are a good purchase.
Orthopedic mattresses are firm mattresses that target the improvement of your overall body posture. There is an ongoing issue regarding which mattress to choose, memory foam mattress vs orthopedic mattress. Both mattresses are durable, but cater to different needs and are best in their own way. In the long run, both can improve your sleep which is the main concern of a mattress along with reducing stress and pain.


The main aim of a mattress is to bring proper sleep and get rid of joint pains and aches. It is very much necessary to purchase a good comfortable mattress because proper sleep will ensure a proper and fit lifestyle. There are dozens of needs and preferences, one product may be perfect for you, but it might not work well for another person. It is always best to go through reviews and suggestions before investing in something expensive.
If you are looking for the perfect mattress, you can go through the website of Springwel or visit the nearest Springwel store, so that you can purchase the mattress that will be the ideal option for you and your family.

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