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Quick guide for the mattress sizes

2017-08-22 12:44:29

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Mattress size depends upon the needs of the customer and according to that it is decided that which mattress sizes is suitable for which person. Queen size mattress is sold mostly in the market whereas the king size mattress is also one of the choices of the customers. Twin size mattress is mostly used for kids in the house or the dormitories. Full size mattress is also selected by some people. Here is a brief information on different mattress sizes.

Types of Mattresses sizes

1. King size Mattress - King size mattresses are found 76*80 inches in dimensions. If you are having any space issues while sleeping with your partner, king size mattress is best choice for you. King size mattresses keep you away from the snoring, talking, sleep walking, tossing and turning during the night and keep you sleepy the complete night. King mattress sizes are available with customization and are available in different sizes and you can choose one of your kinds.

2. Twin Size Mattress - Twin size mattress are much more comfortable for the children in the house and are available in the market with different sizes. Twin size comes in standard size of 38*75 inches but it can vary upon your needs and age of the children. These mattresses are used mostly in the children bedroom and school dormitories. Basic and standard twin size mattress comes with a box spring attached to it and made of very soft material like wool or cotton. Mattress sizes can vary upon the height of the children and you can customize it and send your query online to vendors.

3. Full Size Mattress - Full size mattress is suitable for two people sleeping however, earlier it was used for one person . The standard size of the full size mattress is 53*75 inches which allows 27 inches to each person on the mattress. Most of the people like placing full size mattress in the guest room for healthy sleeping of the guests. You can choose full size mattress sizes as per your needs and convenience.

4. Queen Size Mattress - Queen size mattress is the most sold mattress in the market because it has standard size of 60*80 inches which allows two people to sleep comfortably on the bed. You will find queen size mattress in most of the hotels you visit as it is the first choice of the users in the market. Queen size mattress is ideally suitable for couple and you can decide the mattress sizes as per your needs and requirements.

Choosing right mattress sizes and picking up proper environment to buy mattress can be your query which can be solved by Springwel.


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