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How is coir mattress different from the other mattress?

2017-07-24 16:34:49

coir foam mattress


You need more than just a perfect bed to have a sound sleep. Your mattress plays an important role in getting you perfect sleep every day. It is an important investment for your bedroom. However, there are a wide variety of mattresses in which you can invest - spring, bonded, puff, coir, latex and memory mattresses. There are hundreds of mattress types available in the market today that you might not be even aware of, still coir mattress is considered to be the best mattress that you can buy. Let’s list down the essential features of coir mattress-

Fundamental feature -
The coir mattress is made from perfect amaze core and high density of rubberised coir. On the top, it is protected by the premium jacquard fabric that gives it a perfect feel and look. The rubberised coir foam mattress helps in maintaining an ideal temperature and circulation of the air properly inside the mattress while you sleep.

Trustworthy and durable -
A good quality coir foam mattress comes with an anti sagging feature. It has water blocking layers of coir sheets that simply helps in maintaining the firmness of the sheet and gives perfect support to the spine. It offers the accurate firmness along with little cushioning that makes it durable.

Good for your overall health -
The fresh health technology offered by coir mattress prevents the perilous breeding of fungi, bacteria, and dust mites. These mattresses are great if you suffer from any type of respiratory problems and acts like a windfall to people suffering from asthma and other such diseases. The faultless blend of sheets offers perfect air circulation and natural comfort.

Best for the pocket –
A coir mattress offers some really good features that make it a real value deal for money. It comes tagged with seven years warranties. So if you are planning to save money for years, make sure you go for a good quality coir mattress by Springwel.  

Getting a sound sleep is a main concern representing the physical wellness and health. Buying an ideal mattress that suits your body and sleep posture is really a tough task. Make sure you select the most appropriate product for your bed after an extensive research and knowledge. Go for coir mattress if accurate thickness, firmness and softness are your priorities.

Springwel offers a wide range of coir mattress exclusively that can help alleviate back pain. These mattresses come with a combination of coir foam mattress and memory that focuses on the pressure points on the back to reduce backache.


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