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7 tips to Stay Cool at Night for Sound Sleep

2017-07-21 08:41:49

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As we move towards the summer months, one thing we all can agree one is that the scorching heat is unbearable.  And unfortunately, the weather drastically affects the ability to get a great sleep at night. Although sleeping in an AC room is comfortable, but using it all night can become expensive. So, let’s list down seven ways to cool off and stay cool in bed.

1. Choose your bedding wisely -
Make sure you invest in a high quality linen or cotton bedding. Since the mattress price in India is constantly falling, you can always try to buy the best one in your budget. Cover the mattress with a cotton sheet instead of thicker bedding like blankets or duvets since the mattress and sheet that covers it make a huge difference on how cool you feel at night.

2. Find a spot for your bed -
To have a sound cool sleep, it is important to know how to keep your bed cool. Make sure you keep your bed away from the window during the day. If your bedroom is on a first or second floor, consider moving to a ground or lower level for a cooler environment.

3. Freeze the sheets -
During the summer months cool sheets can play a big role in your ability to sleep better. If you are looking for some instant cooling relief at the time of getting ready for bed, put your bedding in the freezer for a couple of minutes.

4. Flip the pillow -
There is nothing worse than waking up at night to a hot pillow. Therefore when it comes to pillow cooling, you can try a couple of options, like freeze your sheets, or flip the pillow throughout the night, or you can purchase something specifically meant to keep the pillow cool.

5. Set the thermostat to the right setting -
In your bedroom set the thermostat between 64 to 66°F. This is optimal temperature for a  restorative and peaceful sleep.

6. Put your mattress on the floor -
If the bed you sleep on is elevated off the floor, invest in a quality foam mattress and straightaway place it on the floor. Although the price of the foam mattress price in India is quite high, the mattress will definitely offer more comfort than your bed frame.

7. Cool yourself down before the bed -
You can always cool yourself down before finally going to the bed by avoid exercising, night caps and eating heavy foods just before bed. Have a glass of cold water before you sleep off.

Springwel makes sure that the mattress not only offers comfort but also exceeds the expectations of a sound sleep. Springwel mattress price in India is something to look for.


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