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How to choose a perfect mattress?

2017-06-13 18:05:31

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Getting a sound and good sleep is necessary for our body. And to ensure this, there are several factors such as comfort, stress level and room temperature which largely influence and gives us a deep sound sleep. However apart from the above factors there is one more reason and that is none other than your mattress. YES! Your mattress is the basic of giving you a restful sleep.

Researchers have found  that the people suffering from lower back pain generally sleep on a softer mattress. While choosing an ideal mattress, you should identify which mattress makes you feel no pressure almost like you are floating in the air. Below are some suggestions which will make you to understand and help you decide the right mattress for youself.

Innerspring mattress
It is the most widely used mattress so far. They support you with coil springs. Each coil is individually enclosed which in turn prevents the coil from bursting out of the mattress. On the top of the coil there are variety of materials added for comfort. Innerspring mattresses are cheap and provide you with enough comfort. If you are a little overweight, spring mattresses may offer a firmer support, making it easier to get in and get out of.

Memory foam mattresses
They are getting immensely popular in the market nowadays. They are made of layers of different densities of foam that responds to weight and temperature thus determining the comfort level of your body. By moulding to the shape of your body as your weight shifts through the night, memory foam reduces pressure points and relieves pain. It will give you and your partner a well sound sleep. However, sometimes they also emit a foul smelling chemical which can be very unpleasant sometimes.

Latex mattress
They are made up of synthetic or natural rubber which gives you a firm support throughout the night. Latex mattress provides you with a bouncy support that keeps you comfortable whole night. It is quite similar to the memory foam or can be called an enhanced version of memory foam providing more firmer support.

Adjustable beds
These beds are able to merge and upraise at different angles. The adjustable beds are more flexible in nature and provides a larger level of comfort. People who have difficulty getting in and getting out of the bed or who like to watch television on the bed will find this as aluxury. The best folding bed or adjustable beds can make your life easier by moving you closer to where you need to be. It is a boon for the people who are suffering from lower back pain who have a hard time lying position to sitting up and standing.

Ultimately its you who has to decide which mattress is good for you and in which mattress you are more comfortable. Remember, to upkeep your body you have to get minimum hours of sleep and for that you have to choose a mattress which makes you feel more comfortable and provides you maximum level of satisfaction.


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