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Coir mattress: It's health benefits

2016-10-24 18:38:25

Coir foam Mattress are made of fibre made from coir which is a natural fibre obtained from the coconut husk. This gives the coir foam mattress hardness; it is also very beneficial for your health. Let's look at some key benefits of this mattress type:


Coir foam Mattress

  • Coir foam mattress provides fantastic ventilation system. This helps our body to naturally calm down.  
  • The hygroscopic quality of this natural fibre mattress can help in sleeping much comfortably on coir foam mattress as it easily absorbs the moisture in the air.
  • Being an eco-friendly fibre Coir foam mattress which are available online are made without using any commercial chemical substance. This makes it good for both health and environment.
  • Coir mattress also has a natural springy quality and provides much more support to the body. You can browse through a broad range of these mattresses online.
  • Coir foam mattresses are boon for people who have allergy against dust and dirt. Since coir possesses anti dust quality which help prevents allergies.
  • They are flame resistant which gives them an extra advantage over traditional mattresses. Supposedly, if there is a fire in your house coir foam mattress will still be safe. So, grab them online much conveniently.
  • Coir provides the required support and firmness to human body. And helps you get a sound and perfect sleep in the posture you feel comfortable in. This helps your spine to get the needed rest.
  • They are also very good insulators and are completely moth proof. Buy Coir foam mattress online to get  attractive offers and prices.


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