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PUF Foam Mattress - Combination of Excellent Comfort &...

2016-08-24 16:37:38

PUF foam mattress or Polyurethane Foam mattress are manufactured by using baked foam and synthetic materials. The benefit of this type of mattress is its cheap manufacturing cost which has made it an affordable and the standard choice in the automobile and furniture industry. It's tight bee hive type shape and structure helps PUF foam mattress to achieve the softness and comfort easily.


PUF foam mattress

The performance of Mattress can be evaluated on the basis of 3 factors: comfort, support and durability. PUF foam mattress provides a very comfortable surface with all the above three properties. PUF technology also helps in isolation of noise and eradicates storage of dust. Polyurethane foam mattress therefore helps prevent allergies and also have fewer odours. With an open cell structure or bee hive structure PUF foam mattress breathe in easily eliminating mildew and mould infestation.

Most beneficial aspect of PUF mattress is its high resistance to body impression. Loss of height due to mattress or Body impression are most evil reason a consumer comes across to change their mattresses. With the right amount of firmness with foam, mattresses stay in very good shape for a longer lifespan. Compared to other materials PUF foam mattress strength can be tested in lab for understanding there longevity. Several good mattress manufacturers like Springwel provide quality PUF foam mattress in different varieties including best roll away beds. Since the best foam response with an unfilled density is 2 pounds per cubic foot.

Springwel's PUF foam mattresses are made with style and premium fabrics with highest quality to give you the best comfortable support. Also with the help of OCS technology they provide the best polyurethane foam mattress with high durability. With several varieties in mattresses they also provide the best roll away beds too.

Springwel provides two types of puff mattress, PUF foam mattress Delta and Sigma. Keeping the customers comfort in mind both of these are designed to provide maximum comfort and durability. Buy PUF mattresses online and also select the best roll away beds at Springwel India's online shopping portal.   


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