Reasons why Bonded Foam Mattress are good for your back pain

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Reasons Why Bonded Foam Mattress Are Good for Your Back...

2019-07-29 11:10:31

Bonded mattresses are created with extremely dense bonded polyurethane foam to prevent sagging. It even offers the right amount of comfort and orthopaedic help to the user. If you are wondering why bonded foam mattress is good for back pain, here is a list of some valid reasons to prove its health benefits:

Provide Support to Your body:


One important factor that makes bonded foam mattress popular is its ability to provide proper support to both back and shoulders. This way it contours to the natural shape of your body and spine. The full-body contour also helps in supporting your lower back and releasing muscle tension.

No Hammocking:


When you sleep on a firm innerspring bed, you may feel some gap between the mattress and lower back. This means your lower back is not getting enough support from the mattress. This is referred to as “hammocking” that creates an unnatural spine curve, as your legs and upper body are higher than the lower back. But when you sleep on a bonded foam mattress, it leaves no room for hammocking, as it perfectly adjusts to the natural curvature of your spine and body. This way your entire body gets complete support without any chance of uneasiness.

Provides Comfortable and Healthier Sleep:


Bonded foam mattress uses regenerated material that’s further re-compressed to form a bonded mattress structure. This process involves the use of distinct PU materials, which are stacked under tremendous pressure to create the most comfortable mattress. When you sleep on a comfortable mattress, you get a better night’s sleep that further helps in leading a healthier lifestyle. That’s why many people like to purchase a bonded foam mattress to fulfil their requirements.

Things to consider when choosing a right bonded foam mattress

Here are some things to keep in mind when buying a bonded foam mattress:

  • When buying a mattress, look for Medium-Firmness, as it provides higher pain relief as per professional studies.
  • You must consider your body shape and also ensure that the upper layers of the mattress are deep enough to adjust according to your body’s shape. For most people, three to four inches mattress is ideal; for petite people, two to three-inch mattress will do well; and for larger people, five to six-inch mattress is required.
  • Ensure that your bonded foam mattress is dense enough to offer lasting support. But it must not be too dense that its firmness becomes the problem for your back pain.  
  • Make sure that your mattress adjusts to your body shape, making it easier to get out of your bed. This also helps in reducing sleep apnoea and acid reflux symptoms.


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