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Bonded Foam Mattress for Better Sleep Solution

2015-12-30 05:39:18

After a long hectic day, everyone needs a good sleep to relax and rejuvenate. You can't do well the next day after a bad night's sleep. If you are waking up restless or in pain, it's the right time to say goodbye to your old mattress and pick the right one. Among the pile of options out there, the bonded foam mattress can be an ideal choice for you. Why? Well, let's discuss this.

Bonded Foam Mattress

What is bonded foam?

A bonded foam mattress is made up of scrap polyurethane foam or PUF, which is also called the bonded foam. The PUF scraps or polyurethane foam are bonded together under high pressure to form a hard substance. This substance is further used in the mattress as a base layer, which keeps the mattress in shape in the long run. The top layer can be of PUF or memory foam. The bonded foam mattress can be used on both sides – one being soft and other being hard.

What is a bonded foam mattress?

The mattress with the base layer of PUF is called the bonded foam mattress or the orthopaedic mattresses. In recent years, the bonded mattresses have gained popularity because of their ability to provide good back support. Also, the mattress gives extra support to the back and shoulders and offers many health benefits. Since the base layer is made up of a hard substance, the mattress doesn’t sag. The mattress has proved to be beneficial for those suffering from severe back pain.

Because of the quality material used in the manufacturing of this mattress, it is the first choice of the buyer. Moreover, the mattresses are made by going through some unique processes, such as compression and regeneration. There are several brands in the market, which have made the product successful. The price of each bonded foam mattress varies in this field, completely depending on its brand.

Advantages and disadvantages of a bonded foam mattress

There are many advantages to using a bonded mattress. There are fewer chances of sagging in this type of mattress. The mattress doesn't lose its shape easily on applying pressure. This is a good-quality mattress and can be used in the long run. Because of the super-dense bonded polyurethane, this type of mattress is resistant to air.

The disadvantages of this mattress are that it does not give support to joints of the body. A bonded foam mattress is made of PUF, which is a carbon compound. Those allergic to carbon compounds may face some health issues.

Is bonded foam mattress good for better sleep?

One-third of our life is spent on the bed. A night of good sleep can only be achieved if the spine gets enough rest. Since this mattress gives good support to your spine, yes it is the right mattress for good sleep. The bonded foam mattress is comfortable and leads to good sleep. The mattress gives good support to the lower back, thereby reducing the chances of uneasiness.

Reasons Why Bonded Foam Mattress are Good for Your Back Pain

If you are suffering from severe pain in the back then the bonded foam mattress is the best bed to treat the back pain. As this mattress doesn't sag in the middle, it gives support to your body and keeps your spine in its natural shape. Since the mattress relaxes the back completely, it can be a good mattress for those who spend a long time on computers. The mattress gives additional support to the neck and shoulders, thereby releasing muscle tension.


Which mattress is better – bonded foam or coir foam or memory foam? 

A bonded foam mattress is firmer, durable, washable, light in weight and comfortable. Moreover, it doesn't sag. The bonded foam mattress is cheap and of good quality. It is good from an orthopaedic point of view.

A memory foam mattress is heavy and non-washable. It is soft and sags in the middle. It changes shape in response to heat and pressure. Also, such mattresses can be quite uncomfortable during summers, as they retain body heat. Experts say the mattress should not be used in infants’ beds, as soft bedding traps lead to increased risks of sudden infant death syndrome.

Coir foam mattresses are comparatively hard. They don't take the body shape. These mattresses sag in the middle, which leads to different back problems. If coir foam mattresses come in contact with water, they get damaged.

There are many mattress options available in the market but as of now, you know which mattress to buy. Remember the secret of good sleep doesn’t lie just in a mattress but a good mattress.



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