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All You Need To Know About The Best Sleeping Positions

2018-09-26 01:30:33

Do you know the science behind the different sleeping positions? Do you know the best sleeping posture for yourself? Do you which is the best direction and side to sleep?  Too many questions, right? This post by Springwel has all the answers.

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1. Fetal Sleep Position -  This is the most popular sleep position. In this position, you are on your side and the torso is hunched and your knees are bent. This is a great position for pregnant woman as it improves the circulation in your body and fetus and prevent the uterus from pressing against the liver.

Pros - As this is a side sleeping position, it can be very comfortable. This position also reduces the chances of snoring.
Cons - This position may result in a curved spine over time - causing back pain. For some, sleeping in the fetal position without a pillow can cause hip or knee strain.

2. Soldier Sleep Position - This is when you lie on the back with both the arms on your sides.

Pros - This is a good position for your spine and neck. The spine is well supported. You also keep any friction from wrinkling the face and this could be the preference if you are a cosmetically inclined individual.
Cons - Snoring. This is because sleeping on our back forces the base of the tongue to collapse into the airway. This obstructs breathing and results in snoring or breathlessness.

3. Freefall Sleep Position - When you sleep on your stomach with your hand above the head and your head turned to a side, this is the freefall sleep position.

Pros - This position may ease snoring.
Cons - According to mattress experts, this can be the worst sleep position as it flattens the natural curve of the spine leading to lower back pain. Sleeping on the stomach tends to keep the head turned to one side which may strain the neck.

4. Yearner Sleep Position - This is when you sleep on the side with both arms out in front of the body.

Pros - This keeps the spine properly aligned and prevents back pain. It can also help prevent snoring and sleep apnea.
Cons - As the arms are stretched out, the shoulders may experience strain and discomfort.

5. Log Sleep Position - This is another variation of side sleeping. You sleep on your side with the arms stiff and close to the body.

Pros - All the advantages of sleeping on the side such as no back pain, proper alignment and reduced snoring.
Cons - As you stay in one position, there is constant pressure on the arm which is close to the mattress. The entire weight of the body will fall on the arm and cause you to wake up to a sprain in the morning.

What is the correct sleeping posture?

The research by mattress retailers offering the best mattress in India can be the best way to sleep.

  • Your spine is elongated preventing neck or back pain.
  • It keeps the airways open and hence, one is less likely to snore.
  • The chances of you suffering from sleep apnea are low.
  • Sleeping on the left side helps ward off acid reflux or heartburn.

Sleeping on the back is equally healthy. If you have a snoring problem, it is recommended to sleep on the side. Springwel says that side sleeping and back sleeping are also good positions to relieve back pain. They help to keep the spine properly aligned and alleviate pressure.


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