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Advantages of Coir Mattresses

2016-04-12 01:00:52

The easiest task in the world has become the trickiest task ever, which is why one after another so many mattresses are hitting the market. In recent years, the choir mattresses have gained popularity. The reason why the choir mattresses have sustained popularity is because of its numerous benefits and advantages. To know the various benefits of this mattress, let's first understand what a coir mattress is.


coir mattress


What is a coir mattress?

A coir mattress is also called the rubberized coir mattress. It is made up of coconut coir or fibres. Coir is the primary material used to make this type of mattress. The coir is nicely covered with premium quality fabric to give it an attractive look.

A coir bed mattress is said to provide excellent support for all sleeping positions.

Types of Coir Mattress

There are two types of coir mattresses – hybrid coir mattresses and rubberized coir mattresses. In hybrid mattresses, only coconut coir is used as a primary material, whereas the rubberized mattresses are made up of coconut coir and latex solution.

What are the benefits of Coir Mattress?

A coir foam mattress is made up of natural fibre, obtained by removing coconut husk. This makes the mattress hard. Because of its natural springy quality, the coir bed mattress gives good support to the body. It is an eco-friendly mattress made of non-harmful material. It has an anti-dust quality, which is why it is beneficial for those people who are suffering from dust allergies. Because of the hard material used to make the mattress, the mattress results in good sleep. Many people have the habit of keeping blowers and heaters on the bed during winters. Since the mattress is fire-resistant, it does not burn easily. The coir mattress is completely anti-moth. The coir mattress lets the air circulate through it, which is why it is ideal in summers.

Is coir mattress good for health?

The health fresh technology used to make this mattress prevents dust mites from breeding. It is eco-friendly and non-toxic and the material used to make this type of mattress is harmless. The mattress keeps you away from respiratory problems.

Which is better mattress coir vs. foam?

Coir mattress is better than a foam mattress because of many reasons. Coir mattresses are made of natural material, while a foam mattress is made up of synthetic material or a carbon compound. People who are allergic to synthetic material are not advised to use this mattress.

The coir mattress is hard while a foam mattress is soft. Coir mattress gives good support to the spine and thus, good for those with back problems.

A coir mattress is naturally cool in summers, as it allows heat to pass through it while the foam mattress remains hot throughout the year. It makes the sleeper uncomfortable during summers.

A coir mattress is best for your pocket and more durable. The coir mattress is hard, while a foam mattress breaks down easily. Nowadays the coir mattresses are available online with anti-sagging features.


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