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Mattress for Every Sleep Position - Back, Side and Stomach

Mattress for Every Sleep Position – Back, Side and Stomach

Your mattress should be as per your sleeping position and should be healthy for you. There are different suggestions for all the three positions and you should follow that to avoid any kind of pain in the body.

Mattress firm plays an important part in deciding which mattress will suit your sleeping position. For some people, a high mattress firm is best and for some sleepers, a low mattress firm is better. So, it depends on your sleeping position which mattress is the best for you.

Mattress suitability as per sleeping position!

1. Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleeping is a very common position and needs special treatment. Sleeping on your stomach will put some pressure on your breasts or lungs but it is not the ideal position to sleep. A soft memory mattress firm will be best suited for stomach sleepers and  will provide some extra softness to the downside body parts and will help relax the person. A latex mattress that has spring in it should not be used for stomach sleepers.  

2. Side Sleepers

As per the experts, around 59% of the world population are side sleepers. Side sleeping is very good for the body as it keeps the spinal alignment level straight as possible and benefits the side sleepers. There is level support that is required for side sleepers as when you sleep on sides with flat and hard surfaces, the surface level of your neck and waist is different and the misalignment of the both can lead to neck pain. Also, misalignment near your waist may also lead to lower back pain. So for side sleepers, a soft to medium form of mattress can be best. Any mattress with medium mattress firm will be ideal for the side sleepers as the low firm mattress will create the above scenario and the high firm mattress can also lead to lack of proper support. A hybrid mattress which has multiple layers of varying foam can also be suitable for side sleepers.

3. Back Sleepers

Back sleeping is the most common and the advised form of sleeping as per the doctors because the spine alignment will be straight and all the other body parts will not need any dramatic flexing and bending. So, most of the back pain and neck pain problems are reduced automatically. The best mattress suggested for the back sleepers is latex mattress which has the cushioning effect in its property that gives sufficient level of orthopedic support to your body. Secondly, you can opt for memory foam mattress which is also suitable for the back sleepers with its surface contouring ability. Both mattress firms will help you to sleep well and avoid any kind of pain problem while sleeping on your back.

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