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Mattress Buying Guide: How to choose the right mattress for yourself

Mattress Buying Guide: How to choose the right mattress for yourself

Investing in quality of life is definitely a worthy investment. And one of the most significant investments that you can make is in your mattress; therefore it is important that you should take time to understand which mattress will work best for you. This becomes even more important if you fall in the category of people who constantly experience neck or back pain.

Let’s list down few tips that will surely help find a perfect mattress, and will help you make an educated choice –

Do Your Research, Go With a Budget –

How much you are willing to spend is the most important thing that you should consider every time you go out to shop for mattresses. Doing any major purchase keeping a budget in mind will definitely help you avoid spending too much on one thing. This will surely help you buy the best mattress in India that you can afford while keeping your distance from the extra accessories and fluff that mattress stores try to load you up with.

Is It Older Than 7 Years –

According to the general thumb rule one should replace their mattress every 7 or 8 years. Although this rule is based on how often you use the mattress and your body type. Different types of mattresses last shorter or longer than others. If it is so long that you can’t even remember when you last bought the mattress, then that is a definite sign that you should replace it.

Type of Mattress That Is Right for You –

Mattress retailers and manufacturers have hundreds of names for different types of mattresses; it is up to you to decide which mattress will suit your needs and body. Here’s where your research comes in handy, but make sure you keep a distance from a gimmick like mattress sellers. At times they label a mattress as medically-approved or orthopaedic, but none of these mattresses are officially certified by any medical organization. They might have orthopaedic friendly features, but no medical group verified that.

Ask For Home Trial, and Good Warranty –

Before you invest your time and money on buying a mattress of your liking, make sure that it comes with delivery, a solid warranty and in-home trial period. Generally the best mattress in India comes with 30 to 60 days of trial period, and you can always return them back if you aren’t comfortable with that.

Springwel offers a wide range of mattresses. These mattresses come with a promise of utmost comfort and support. Springwel mattresses are considered to be one of the best mattress in India providing the perfect support for your body as you sleep.

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