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Looking for a Non-Toxic Mattress: Top 5 Things to Consider

Looking for a Non-Toxic Mattress: Top 5 Things to Consider

Today, more and more people are going organic and looking for non-toxic objects for their homes, including mattresses. However, there are certain things that your natural mattresses must contain to improve your health and lifestyle. Here are the top five things to consider when buying a non-toxic mattress:

1) Avoid mattresses in a box

When you buy an online mattress, make sure it doesn’t come in a box. It’s best to let a mattress breathe to maximize its life. That’s why it’s suggested to avoid roll-up mattresses for various reasons. Some possible reasons are:

  • A fire-retardant that’s used for meeting regulations, as well as ensure mattress safety
  • Synthetic fillings like memory foam have a slight smell initially

As you may imagine, the smells of these substances can build up in a vacuum-sealed bag and make it difficult to use when opened.

2) Choose organic fabrics

When you buy mattresses online in India, always pick the ones with unbleached organic cotton and organic dyes. Always avoid the ones with harsh-chemically treated materials or fabrics that are bad for your health. An organic cotton mattress has three main benefits: being natural, resilience and the ability to breathe.

3) Choose mattresses with pocket sprung for ultimate comfort

Spring mattresses in the market come in two major types: pocket sprung and open coil. Unlike the open coil mattress, your pocket sprung mattresses make use of separate springs rather than coils for forming a consistent unit. A pocket sprung mattress is the latest version of the open-spring model, as it utilizes detached springs for supporting any sleeper’s body.

These springs work separately from one another, making pocket sprung mattress a healthier alternative to its counterpart. Even its coils are designed carefully to maintain pressure within the affected coils, preventing other mattresses parts from sinking as you shift from one corner to another.

4) Avoid Fire Retardants

When you buy a mattress online, always avoid those that contain fire retardants. While fire retardant is used for withstanding a mattress against fire for a few seconds, these toxic substances are linked to birth defects, cancer and other health hazards. Therefore, it is best to invest in a good organic mattress without toxic fire retardants.

5) What material is used for Batting?

Batting is a soft filling to cover springs within a mattress. Organic wool or cotton is the most common type of battling found in organic, non-toxic mattresses.

Wool is known to be a natural fire retardant. This means mattresses containing organic wool also pass the fire barrier tests. So, there is no need for toxic fire retardants to be used for making organic mattresses.

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