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Latex Mattress: An Essential Guide for Buyers

Planning to buy a mattress? But choosing a mattress is not easy. There are many different features, materials and types available. There are many points to keep in consideration when buying a mattress and most people have no idea where to begin, simply jumping from store to store.

Latex mattress moulds to your body’s shape. The natural latex is a white liquid produced from the rubber trees. The latex foam mattress consists of a network of millions of ultra micro-cellular structures evenly distributed amongst the entire mattress, promoting durability and natural breathing.

Pros – The latex is a great option for allergy sufferers as it does not harbour the dust mites. It is a breathable and durable material and the way it contours to the body relieves the pressure points, relaxing the muscles and allowing for optimal posture.

Cons – Some people find these mattresses a little too firm for their liking due to their sturdiness.

Benefits of Latex Foam Mattress –

Much like the memory foam mattress, latex has the ability to conform well with the body as well as offer a cradle which can be highly beneficial if you suffer with the pressure points. However, unlike foam, you can easily change the position using latex and don’t get that stuck feeling. It typically bounces back quickly when you remove pressure.

Latex offers a number of unique properties in the industry and is a great solution for a large number of consumers. However, we all have our unique preferences so let us take a look at the properties of latex which fit your needs –

1. Amongst the most durable in the industry, this is worth the investment as it will last you a while.

2. It can be made natural – a great quality if you like to do what you can to be eco-friendly.

3. Reduces the aches and pains.

4. Limited to no off gassing – useful if you are sensitive to volatile organic compounds.

5. Low motion transfer.

6. Customizations are usually offered by the manufacturer.

Springwel offers the best latex mattress covering everything from your budget to other mattress options as well. Springwel latex mattress is designed to respond instantly to the body weight for enhanced pressure relieving support. The natural properties of latex helps protect it against the dust mites. It can be the best option for allergy sufferers or those who are concerned with keeping the mattress healthy and clean over time.

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