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Healthy Diet For A Goodnight’s Sleep!

When one thinks about the preconditions of getting a good night’s sleep, the mind automatically thinks about the things present in the immediate environment such as the bed, pillows, or the right temperature in the room. According to Indian mattress experts, the physical environment has a deep effect on the quality of sleep. In fact, the mattresses you rest your back on not only influences the quality of your sleep but can also affect your musculoskeletal health. The wrong mattress can increase chronic pain problems and give you a bad posture.

In fact, the mattresses kind can also differ according to the body weight and the sleeping posture of the individual. While an individual with a lower BMI can manage with a thinner mattress, a person on the heavier end would need a thicker and firmer mattress for adequate support to the back and spine. Similarly, the mattress kinds would be different for a side sleeper and a back sleeper.

But besides the obvious, did you know that what you eat also affects the quality of sleep?

Sleep and Body Connection

In fact, a number of conditions such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes are linked to poor sleep. The mattress brands in India have found a connection between poor sleep and eating disorders. Consuming high sodium food such as chips and fried can worsen the problem leading to a vicious cycle which results in poor sleep, weight gain and unhealthy body. Hence, in order to get a good night’s sleep, it’s recommended to reduce the intake of unhealthy food items.

Break your meals

You need to space out the meals evenly throughout the day. In order to achieve a better sleeping habit, you need to have a balanced diet throughout the day which is full of all nutrients that your body needs in order to function properly.

Rather than having a heavy meal before going to bed, try to break your meal into six smaller ones during the day. This way, you avoid the danger of eating too little or too much. Late night dinners lead to increase in the blood flow of the digestive tract which is one of the main reasons of a bloated stomach. On the contrary, if you skip dinner it can lower the iron levels and is known to be a contributor for the restless leg syndrome.

Indulge in Healthy Eating

Scientific studies have shown that the carbohydrates added with a little bit of protein can make an excellent bedtime snack. If you feel the hunger pang and are reaching out for late night snacks, you can reach out to a bowl of cereal of whole wheat bread along with peanut butter. However, with a full stomach throughout the day, you will find yourself less tempted to eat in the middle of the night.

Go Slow on Caffeine

Consumption of too much caffeine throughout the day can have a harmful effect on the sleep.

Besides solid food, doctors also recommend to stay hydrated throughout the day in order to sleep well at night. However, limit the water intake before you go to bed in case you do not wish to visit the washroom five times a night.

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