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Harsh Facts About Sleep Problems in the Old Age

Harsh Facts About Sleep Problems in the Old Age

Sleep disorders are a huge source of concern – especially in the elderly people. Changes in the sleep pattern are now a part of the normal aging process but sleep disorders have been connected with high death rate and side effects such as dementia, falls and cognitive damage. Springwel, a leading mattress manufacturer presents an overview of why sleep is vital for health.

  • Insomnia and Improper Sleep Can Increase Dementia Risk –

We know that good sleep is important to feeling energetic the next day but sleeping soundly is also connected to a lower risk of cognitive impairment. The elderly population is more prone to have health issues which disturb their sleep. For elderly folks who are under stress, the link is stronger. It not just affects the sleep patterns but is also connected with dementia risk. Doctors advise the adults to regularly get screened for sleep problems so that any issue is caught early and treated before it causes any major cognitive problem.

  • Alzheimer and Sleep Problems –

Sleep problems are worse in older adults with Alzheimer’s. Changes in the brain with the disease are the reason for issues such as difficulty in sleeping, daytime napping, shifts in the sleep cycle and agitation during different times of the day referred to as sundowning. Aging sometimes causes a natural disruption of the daily cycles such as waking, sleeping, metabolism and body  temperature which is more common amongst the patients of Alzheimer’s. Sleep disruptions are a major reason which contribute to the sundowning behaviour. If your loved one shows increased mood swings, memory loss or anger, there are many strategies to improve sleep.

  • Caregivers need sleep as well –

Studies have shown that caregivers need a good sleep just as much as their loved ones. According to reports, stress and depression are common. Many said their sleep was interrupted many times a night while others said the stress of responsibilities kept them awake. Reports have claimed that sleep problems among the caregivers have increased the likelihood of Alzheimer. Hence, it is important that the caregivers take care of themselves as much as possible, adopt healthy habits, try sleeping on a good & comfortable mattress, as well as necessary breaks.

Follow the tips which have been found useful in encouraging the elderly ones and yourselves to sleep better.

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