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Finding the New and Perfect Bed Mate

Finding the New and Perfect Bed Mate

One of the popular debates today is about where to buy mattress online, and which one is better – soft or firm. But people forget that there is yet another component of the bedding that impacts greatly sleep quality. Unexpectedly, this important sleep accessory is generally overlooked.

The pillow gets its due attention only when problems in the neck arise and the restless nights become unbearable. Pillows are not only a sleeping accessory to rest the head, but are the ones that offer support to the shoulders and neck, providing proper spinal alignment while sleeping.

Choosing a pillow deserves the same cautious thought and attention as choosing a mattress. One should always consider comfort and pressure relief while buying a pillow. This helps in preventing back and neck tension and pain. Consider buying a pillow that fits you the best; make sure you consider your sleep habits and the body type –

Which position do you end up in when you fall asleep – side, stomach, or back?

If you end up sleeping on your side, consider going with the width of your shoulders – narrow (less than 16 inches), average (about 16–17.50 inches), or wide (about 18 inches or more).

If you end up sleeping on your back – do you have an upright, normal or forward posture when you naturally stand against a wall.

How firm or soft is the mattress? Or, how far do you consider your body to sink in?

A pillow should meet all your expectations, just like the right partner. Even though many brands in India today offer only limited types of pillows, a selection of sizes and shapes is important. You can always buy mattress online but when it comes to the pillow you should consider buying it from a retail store and try it before investing in it. There is a long list of classic, flat shapes to ergonomically curved designs pillows that are offered when you buy mattress online.

Beyond the size and shape of the pillow, the temperature is yet another factor that makes a huge difference between sleepless or rejuvenating nights. A breathable and cool pillow helps out in regulating the temperature as we emit heat throughout the night from our neck and head.

Springwel mattress collection is made to give you unmatched comfort along with healthy sleep. You can always buy mattress online at Springwel and other online retailers. So, what are you waiting for? Find a perfect bedmate with Springwel.

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