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Does Mattress Affect Sleep Quality And Health?

The simple answer to the above-mentioned question is a resounding YES. To get the best sleep, you require a good quality mattress for sure. A wrong mattress can be one of the main causes of sleepless nights and back pain.

So, you must be aware of certain facts about mattresses that might be affecting your sleep and overall health. Here are the five sneaky ways your mattress affects your sleep quality and health:

Old mattresses could increase your stress and back problems

According to a 2009 study, around 59 healthy men and women were tested to sleep on their regular mattresses for 28 consecutive nights and on new and medium-firm mattresses for another 28 days. It was found that their stress levels – based on factors, such as thoughts, worrying, nervousness, headaches, etc. – were lowered when they slept on a new and comfortable mattress.

No matter you have bought your sleeping platform from the best mattress manufacturer, it’s going to drop one day. So, ditch your drooping or sagging mattresses and buy a new one if you think your old mattress is not getting you enough sleep.

You might be allergic to your current mattress

Simply washing your bedsheets and pillowcases in hot water is not going to get rid of the dust mites in your mattress. Your mattress must come with an “allergy-proof” label. Memory foam mattresses are considered to be hypoallergenic and resistant to all dust mites and allergies.

Medium-Firm is subjective

What seems soft mattress to you may be firmer for another. So, “medium-firm” is a subjective label when it comes to choosing mattresses. In order to check a new mattress, you need to spend a minimum of 20 minutes on a mattress while testing it before purchase.

Tossing and turning means you need a new mattress

If you are spending too much time tossing and turning at night, it certainly means buying a new mattress anytime soon. Look for a new mattress based on its durability, quality, firmness and hypoallergenic ability.

Using Technology on the mattress can keep you up

According to the experts, the bedroom must be reserved for sleep. If you bring technology to the bedroom and use it where you sleep, you might have difficulty in getting sound sleep and it will ultimately affect your mental and overall health. You should keep away the electronic gadgets like laptops, smartphones, etc. when you are on your bed for a relaxing sleep. The blue-ray emitted from these devices is proven to be disruptive to your brain and obstruct your body’s natural mechanism.

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