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Different Mattresses to Meet the Specific Needs of Today’s Discerning Consumer

Different Mattresses to Meet the Specific Needs of Today’s Discerning Consumer

Ask the modern buyer whether he has gone or attempted to go mattress shopping in recent times. It’s like touching a raw nerve! He will pour out his woes to you. There is such a huge variety of mattresses flooding the market that it can be quite confusing for the common man! Memory foam or innerspring? Latex or hybrid?

Does one size fit all?

Earlier, in India mattress shopping was a simple job. One simply had to go to the upholstery shop in the neighborhood, give the bed size and the job would be done! As simple as that! No longer does one type and one size fits all. People have become more discerning and demanding as they become more aware and mattress suppliers have been quick to catch on to that. Not just worldwide but even in India, the same trend can be seen in the upper-income groups. Mattress suppliers in India have jumped onto the bandwagon.

Varieties of mattresses and the best fit

1. Memory foam: These mattresses may help people with back pain sleep better. They relieve pressure better than any other kind of mattress. They might also be better for older people as it minimizes the movement felt due to a partner’s tossing and turning. Memory foam mattresses have become more and more popular over the years and are stocked by mattress suppliers world-wide as well as mattress suppliers in India. They also last much longer thus giving value for money.

Cons: They can be more expensive because of the quality of material used. They can also trap heat. So, the warmer the room, chances are that you may wake up sweating!

2. Spring mattresses: It is a mattress containing an arrangement of spiral springs. They are easily available and stocked by mattress suppliers, the world over. They are cheap as the technology used to make them is very basic. They are very well ventilated. There is no bad odor associated with them, unlike foam mattresses. The mattress supplier in India credited with pioneering this technology is Springwel Mattress.

Cons: Their maintenance takes up a lot of time. They start to sag within a year or so. They are not good for people with aches and pains as they do not support pressure points.

3. Hybrid mattresses: These combine sophisticated memory foams with an advanced innerspring system thus delivering the benefits of both to the consumer. These are often less expensive than foam mattresses. These are ideal for people with pains and aches who at the same time want to enjoy the bounciness of a spring mattress all within a reasonable price range.

4. Latex mattresses: Because of their higher prices they stayed out of reach of the average consumer. Advances in technology have brought them well within reach now. These mattresses are good at suppressing motion, so if one partner tosses and turns, the other can still enjoy a peaceful sleep. The materials used are more durable and resilient and support sleepers to sleep without pain on the pressure areas.

Mattress suppliers all over the world have woken up to the need that people have for different kinds of mattresses and are constantly innovating to come up with better options. These mattress suppliers like Springwel not only constantly innovate but try their best to deliver better products to their discerning consumers depending on their specific needs.

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