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Different Mattress for Different Body Weights

There are different mattress for different body weights and are available in soft, medium and firm form. You can choose as per your convenience. You might be searching for the best mattress as per your body weight but your search ends here as we are going to tell you about the different mattresses as per your body weights. 

It will help you to know which mattress is suitable for you if you are overweight; you surely need a specific mattress that can help you to feel relaxed while sleeping. There are different mattress requirements as per body weight mentioned below:

Different Mattresses as per Different Body Weights –

1. For body weight less than 10 kgs

The most basic requirement for a baby mattress is that it should not restrict or pressurize while the baby is sleeping. The mattress should allow the child to sleep in a natural position and let the bones develop in natural ways. 

For babies below 10 kg weight should be given a natural latex or memory foam mattress. This is the best option for this purpose. They might be slightly expensive but worth considering. Memory foam toppers are a nice option to look for and you can choose the best mattress retailer for it.

2. For Body Weight Between 10-35 & 35-45 kgs

At this age the bones have developed and this is the age of young kids and older people. Now you need to focus on muscle relaxation. If the muscles are cramped, the person may wake up due to blood clots due to blood flow and uneasiness in sleeping. 

If your child or your grandparent is unable to stretch their muscles due to this for a longer time, pocket spring mattress and memory foam mattress will serve the purpose for this. Buying a memory foam or pocket spring mattress is recommended from a popular and renowned mattress retailer.


3. For Body Weight Between 45-80 kgs (mattress for youngsters)  

People in this category are generally hard working people and are stressed after work. Hence, they need peaceful sleep with the mattress. In this category, you need a memory foam or natural latex mattress which you can buy from an online mattress retailer.


4. For Body Weight More Than 80 kgs (mattress for overweight adults) 

Overweight people find it difficult to buy the right mattress for themselves. But they need a medium soft mattress so they should go with a high resilience foam mattress from the best mattress retailer.

Springwel is the leading supplier of all varieties of mattresses mentioned above and many others for your different sleep requirements. You can buy different types of mattresses from their online store at reasonable prices.

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