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Choose the Right Pillow to Avoid Hurting Your Neck

Choose the Right Pillow to Avoid Hurting Your Neck!

When one chooses a pillow, there are a number of choices. Making the apt choice of keeping the pillow clean and knowing when to replace it definitely influences your quality of sleep and more importantly how fresh you feel every morning. Today, many mattress brands in the market also offer the perfect pillow that suits your choices.

Although there is no one pillow which is best for everyone, the correct selection of pillow is likely not on the radar unless you have been waking up every day with a neck pain. People generally tend to use a pillow which is well past its prime. You are likely to replace your pillow if it has become flat, lost its original shape, or has become lumpy or it has been in regular use for a couple of years.

If that is the case, consider the following recommendations.

  • The shape size and preferred sleep postures of your body influences the selection. Although the firmness or softness of the pillow is a matter of personal choice, you should prefer a pillow that aligns with your neck and supports your head with the rest of the spine.
  • For back and stomach sleepers, choose a medium profile to low thickness pillow to keep the neck and your head align to the bed. It is recommended to sleep on the back and place a pillow under the knees to offer additional support to your lower back.
  • If you are a side sleeper, you  need to give all your attention to the height of the pillow. Choosing a medium to high thickness, a firm pillow will keep the neck aligned with your spine. Apart from that, place a low density soft pillow between your knees as it will align your pelvis and upper hip with the lower back.

Make sure that you know what your pillow is filled with.

  • Among the most affordable pillows in the market today are synthetic pillows. They are easy to care for, lightweight and good for people who suffer from allergies. Although they have a shorter lifespan as they flatten out quickly.
  • Feather or down pillows generally make the softest pillows. They are long lasting and easy to shape. They are not great for side sleepers as they do not offer a lot of support to the spine and neck.
  • Latex pillows are cooler, long lasting, and tend to mould quickly. They are also good for prohibiting dust mites, allergy sufferers but can be on the heavier and expensive side.

Springwel being the one of the leading mattress brands offers a wide range of pillows that cater to different segments of people in the market. Unlike other mattress brands, it offers a range of pillows that are both affordable and comfortable.

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