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Buying a Mattress: Online Vs In Stores Mattress

Most buyers tend to get good deals and always compare Online Mattress Vs Mattress Stores. Most online retail stores do not have a physical storefront. Their management costs are meagre so that they can pass on the savings directly to customers.

The prices of online sellers are often much lower than those of physical stores. Online retailers offer seasonal discounts on special sales days, but you can get lower prices throughout the year. Mattress stores want you to bargain.

So, let us compare both means and decide which can benefit you the most!

Try Before You Buy

Mattress stores face restrictions on showroom size and branding. Retailers often sign exclusive agreements to restrict the brands and styles they operate. Your choice also depends on the type of nearby store.

Even if the names on the doors are different in some markets, all local stores may be owned by the mattress company.

The online mattress store restricts your choices only by the number of websites you visit. First, reduce the vast market to several important factors, such as price, strength, or environmentally friendly materials. Then check customer reviews and comparison sites to narrow down your best options.

Sleeping v/s Touching the Mattress

Experts recommend lying on the model in the showroom for at least 20 minutes to see how it fits your sleeping preferences and personal comfort.

If you plan to test more than three, you’d better prepare to wander around the local mattress store for a couple of hours.

However, most consumers prefer to spend almost 20 minutes choosing a bed in a retail store rather than choosing 20 minutes at a time.

With customers and salespeople lingering around you, trying to relax in bed can be an uncomfortable experience.

In the case of online, you can surf anytime, anywhere. When you can access the website from anywhere, you don’t have to spend a day driving between stores.

Price and Savings

The execution of a brick and mortar shop offers many additional costs compared to the signs of online mattresses.

These include general costs, such as commercial rental in a high traffic area, public services, employees and high-cost local advertising. All these costs are reduced to the consumer.

Value and Quality

The question of the value shows importance when you buy mattresses. In a significant number of cases, the mattresses sold online produce better specifications and materials, with a more lasting and more lasting product.

Another problem for many buyers with online mattress stores in India is it is still difficult to compare among the shops. Different extensive brands provide the Mains Warehouses with “unique” and “exclusive” lines intentionally designed to make you prepare.

Trial Periods/Return Policies

You’ll never really know if you like a mattress until you sleep on it for a few days. For customers worried about choosing the wrong product, the return policy is critical.

Retailers don’t sell used mattresses, so they need to balance satisfying customer interests and ensure business profitability.

Many online retailers offer you a generous trial period to test the mattress at home. Since you can’t see the mattress beforehand, the company gives you plenty of time to decide if you like it.

The standard trial period for the online mattress is 100 to 180 days, but some companies give you a full year. If you return the product within this time, you will usually receive a full refund.

Trying out a mattress in a store can help you get a feel for it. But until you take it home, you won’t know how to sleep on it for a night.


Delivery times and delivery processes vary from society to society, but there are some general differences between the two types of retailers. Generally, when online orders, you will have the mattress delivered to your door within two or four days.

Some of the best mattress stores will configure the mattress in your room for you at an additional cost. Most mattresses you find online are Bedinabox mattresses. This means that it is compressed and rolled into a box. Once it incites it, it quickly expands in natural size.

Delivery programs and impression purchase policies are increasingly competitive with online retailers. Even so, some Brick and Mortar retailers can take about two weeks to deliver their mattresses.

The mattress will generally be sent in a natural size truck. Most retailers include options for interrupting sidewalk or home configuration.


When you buy online mattress, you can get the best prices and a convenient shopping experience at home.

When shopping in the store, you can directly contact someone who can help you find the right mattress.

Until there is delivery, online shopping revolves around delivery. Some brands now use compression and vacuum sealing for transportation, making it easy to handle and set up.

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