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Bedroom Decorating Trends In & Out For 2019

2018 has come and gone in the blink of an eye. As we welcome 2019, Springwel lists some of the trends that are supposed to shoot this year. However, all the trends come and go – but who doesn’t enjoy redecorating every now and then? January is a great time to switch your style and create a new look to set the tone for the rest of the year. Get some inspiration for your own space as we jump in the styles to see more.


The pastel tones were everywhere in 2018 but 2019 is expected to be all about the jewel tones. If you have a neutral palette, try adding a feature wall or introduce tones via cushions, linens, and accessories. This can create a vibrant and dramatic space. However, if this seems a little overboard, another trend is the 90% white, 10% colour ratio. This adds a punch and allows to experiment with textures while maintaining a cohesive look.

Get homely with the furnishings!

Try to say something with your decor. This will continue to be a trend in bedrooms with a more is more approach for ornaments and homewares. Pick up your decor from varying places. This could be taken from relatives or market finds. Put them together to come up with a look with is uniquely and inherently you.


A style that was 2018 dominated is cosiness which comes from enjoying life’s simple things and has proven to have major staying power. It’s all about keeping simple. Such ideas to complement this are oak or raw wood textures, lots of candles and blankets. Embracing such a thing entails a declutter, so toss anything that doesn’t hold value anymore and be ready to welcome in those happy vibes!

What are you looking forward to for bedroom decor in 2019? Are you planning on incorporating any trends? Or do you have your own style?

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