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Are Morning People Healthier, Happier And More Productive?

According to studies conducted by many researchers and scientists, morning people are considered to have a healthier, happier and more productive lifestyle compared to night owls.

Why are morning people healthier, happier and productive than night owls? Here are some common reasons why morning people are considered to have a better lifestyle than people who work late at night:

Morning People Have Lesser Body Fat Levels

In the morning people are likely to be exposed to light between 8 AM and noon. Hence, they’re likely to obtain Vitamin D earlier than night owls. According to a Northwestern University study, people who receive sunlight in the morning hours are likely to have lesser body mass index (BMI) than people who get sunlight later in the day. Besides that, you need to buy a mattress of good quality for better and comfortable night sleep.

Morning People Are Go-Getters

Many studies link morning people with an ambitious attitude that helps them perform better at their job leading to a greater success rate than those who are not that proactive.

Happiness Comes Easily To Morning People

Being exposed to morning light reduces depression risk while boosting your energy levels. That’s why morning people are likely to be happier than night owls.

Morning People Are Healthier

According to different studies, sleeping late at night can adversely affect the body’s blood sugar levels, which may lead to health risks like obesity, metabolic syndrome, coronary artery disease and impaired glucose intolerance. Late-night sleepers also consume more calories at night that leading to several metabolic issues in the future.

How To Get Proper Sleep Early At Night

You can try the following things to get better early night sleep:

  • Listen to Relaxing Music: Listening to soothing music while sleeping can improve your sleep quality while reducing sleeping disorders like insomnia.
  • Get Comfortable: You need to buy mattresses of good quality, along with a comfy pillow, for better and comforting night’s sleep.
  • Consider Your Sleep Position: When you buy a mattress, do consider your sleep position to get the right mattress for your body and sleep type.
  • Turn off all Electronics: Besides you buy online mattress and take care of your relaxing bedroom environment, you must avoid using electronic devices while sleeping. Playing video games, watching TV or using a Smartphone at night is terrible for your sleep.
  • Adjust Your Sleeping Position: Good quality sleep also depends on your body’s sleep position at night. The main types of sleeping positions are back, side or stomach. You must buy mattress in India, depending on the type of your sleep position to improve your sleep cycle and comfort.
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