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A detailed Overview of Latex Mattress

A Detailed Overview of Latex Mattress

In this fast-moving world, we live with hectic schedules we have to adhere to. It is of no surprise that people want to improve both the quantity and quality of sleep. Sleep is very important to overall health, comfortable sleep is essential to the ability to function and be productive each day. Perhaps it is time to invest a new mattress which is suited and customized to your personal health and sleep needs.
What are the pros and cons of latex mattresses?

Of all the mattresses in the market today, the latex foam mattress is ranked the highest and presented with the fewest advantages and disadvantages.

Here are some pros and cons of latex mattresses


  • Superior Pressure Point Relief
  • Bouncy and responsive surface
  • Made of natural breathable materials offering a cool sleeping surface
  • Resists mould, dust and mildew
  • Organic and Eco-friendly
  • Excellent ability to absorb movement
  • Above the average contour ability
  • Bouncy and responsive surface
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Eco-friendly
  • Good for people having allergy issues
  • Helps in Reducing body ache


  • Expensive
  • Initial off-gassing odour
  • The excessive weight which makes it difficult to move
  • Some people find this too stiff

How are latex mattresses made?

Basically, natural latex is sourced from an extract found in rubber trees, which has many uses across different industries. Latex is used in luxury bed mattresses allows the mattress moulds to your body’s shape and then gives the full-body support.

The natural latex foam mattresses are designed with a network of millions of ultra micro-cellular structures evenly distributed amongst the entire mattress. These holes make the latex foam flexible and much more sleep supporting. As a result, the larger and more the holes, the more comfortable to sleep on the bed will feel.

What is it like to sleep on a natural latex mattress?

Latex foam mattress offers a unique feel which has made them a favourite amongst the many sleepers. They are naturally elastic and are excellent at isolating compression points and delivering relief from chronic back pain. The softer mattresses with the lower ILD rating are known to have more elasticity and greater contour ability.

Sleeping on the wrong mattress may lead to or worsen the back pain. A functional design mattress boosts good sleeping posture, relaxes the muscles and offers healthy and wholesome sleep. There is no such thing as a perfect mattress for everyone. It is important to choose a mattress that fits your sleeping posture.

Choosing best latex foam mattress for back pain

Latex mattresses provide cushion support naturally without any harmful chemicals. While buying the best latex mattress, make sure it is labelled as 100% natural and contains no additional filter or chemicals.

Basically, latex has a light and floating characteristic which provides both surface cushion and firmness. It cradles your body, keeping your lower back supported. The result is the combination of pressure point relief and right body and spinal alignment. This leads to noticeable relief as you lie down and ease the back pain throughout the night.

Aches and pain can cause you to toss and turn. Anyone who wakes up with pain can tell you how uncomfortable it is to turn the body the wrong way. A latex foam mattress is designed to reduce the surface pressure so that you turn and toss less. A latex foam mattress will not trap body heat or sweat so that you do not have to throw blankets off and on.

Does natural latex cause allergies?

Latex is a naturally sourced material which is manufactured by extracting rubber from the rubber tree. Being derived from an organic source, it eliminates the possibility of any allergic reactions to the person sleeping on it. Natural latex mattresses are designed with minuscule holes in them and these tiny holes make the latex mattress pliable and promote healthy sleeping.

How long should an organic latex mattress last?

Organic mattresses are becoming extremely popular as people are placing their hands on more eco-friendly products. They are made with natural materials which are beneficial for your health and are more comfortable and durable. An organic mattress lasts twice as much as the standard one. Hence, the initial investment may be higher but going organic is far more economical in the long term.

Which is the best organic latex mattress brand in India?

Organic mattresses are a great option for people with allergies and respiratory issues. Sometimes, problems are caused by chemical toxins used in the conventional mattress process but organic ones are pesticide and chemical-free.

Springwel offers the best organic latex mattress covering everything from your budget to other mattress options as well. Springwel latex mattress is designed to respond instantly to the bodyweight for enhanced pressure-relieving support. The natural properties of latex help protect it against the dust mites. It can be the best option for allergy sufferers or those who are concerned with keeping the mattress healthy and clean over time.

As you start looking for the ideal mattress online, be sure to check the many customer reviews and testimonials. Take into consideration those elements that play an important role in the decision-making process.

Benefits of using organic mattresses

Chemical Free

These mattress materials are grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals making it beneficial for you and your family.

Regulates temperature

Organic mattresses have the ability to regulate body temperature. The organic materials help the mattresses to stay warm in the winter and cool in summers. They regulate the body temperature by wicking away body moisture. This results in a calmer heart rate due to lower humidity and provides an optimal skin temperature leading to good night sleep.


The organic mattresses have a much longer life expectancy than the synthetic ones as they do not break down quickly. They are made of natural textiles which are long-lasting, flexible and durable.


You can customize your mattress most of the time to suit your individual needs. This makes it more versatile than others.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Organic mattresses have a much eco-friendlier manufacturing process. By purchasing one, you are contributing to a process which cares about the environment. Your carbon footprint is reduced and so is your manufacturer’s.

When you purchase a mattress, you are making an investment – not only in the sleep but overall health. Contact for any other questions.

Tips to choose a good quality latex mattress

These days latex mattresses are getting very popular because of their great comfort, high durability and high resistance. In order to make a wise decision to find the best latex mattress, you should be aware of the nature of the latex. Below mentioned are some tips to help you find the perfect latex mattress.

  • Buy From A Reliable Source: While deciding to buy the best latex mattress you should also consider where you can buy mattress. Many retailers claim to sell reliable latex mattresses but are not reliable as their product is claimed to be.
  • Determine The Thickness of The Mattress: The overall thickness of the best latex mattress is very important in determining the comfort of the product. A thinner mattress would not serve its purpose of comfort and would not provide you with adequate comfort.
  • Layer Construction: Latex mattress beds do not have springs but instead they have layers of latex stacked upon one another. While comparing latex mattresses each layer should be checked that it is latex or not especially within the support core of the bed.
  • Compare Various Brands: While shopping for the best latex mattress one should always compare from various latex mattress manufacturers.


Consider your budget, lifestyle, overall health before making a hasty decision. If you are looking for a comfortable mattress that is of superior quality, don’t waste a minute more. Look at the entire collection of Springwel Latex mattresses to satisfy your personal, health and sleeping needs

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