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A Detailed Analysis of Duvets & Duvet Covers

When it comes to choosing bedding and all related things that go on your bed, it’s simply quite wonderful. There are boundless choices for a pillow, duvets, comforters, sheets, and all other sorts of things.

What is Duvet?

Duvet is soft quilts, filled with synthetic fibre. Feathers are used in place of upper sheets and blankets. Duvets are protected from a removable cover which is called the duvet cover. It originated in Europe and is made from synthetic fibre and feathers.

What is a Duvet Cover?

A duvet cover is a distinct cover that is spread over the comforter. Think of it as a cover. It not only defends your comforter but also lets you promptly change the style of your bed. Duvet covers are easy to use and wash. The best duvets are silk duvets where the cover is actually made of silk.

Things to consider before you buy a duvet cover

A good-quality duvet cover is one of the most important ingredients to a good sound sleep. We cannot ignore the fact that sound sleep gives more energy for the upcoming day which helps in performance. We make our bedroom a rich comfort zone first by choosing the right bedding set, pillow, duvet, mattress and best duvet covers. And while buying sleeping products to make your bedroom a temple for good night sleep, you should be very cautious.

Some tips to choose the right duvet


There are different materials to choose from when purchasing a duvet cover. Cotton is most common and easy to use but some older teens like the feel of silk too. It also depends on your budget. Cotton covers are the most affordable options and easy to care for.
There are the best duvet covers available in cotton which are easy to wash and can be used to make many types of covers. There is also a blend of lightweight duvet of cotton with polyester too and has a high thread count. Some older teens may like lightweight duvets with animal silk duvet covers.


There are a couple of sizes available when it comes to duvet covers. Duvet cover sets usually come in sizes ranging from a single bed to a double bed to a queen-size bed, king-size bed and even super king-size duvet cover also available.
Most Duvet covers are for single sized beds and are available in a size of 140210 cm. They are geared towards young people in design and style. Three quarter duvet covers come in a size of 180210 cm but these are not the common bedding size. Double duvet covers are around 200cm*200 cm in size and some double duvet covers are the same size as three-quarter covers and fit either size bed comfortably.


Duvet style of bedding and duvet covers for children offers many styles that complement the existing décor and celebrate children’s love of favourite colour and pay tribute to favourite cartoon movie, character or superhero.
Duvet covers come in a wide range of colours from bright to dark. You can buy the best duvet covers with a monochromatic bedroom look and can choose from various colours such as green, pink, yellow, solid colour and other basic colours. Most people like buying the best duvet covers with their favourite characters on them. There are many options like smurfs and Barbie to rock bands and star wars, cars and batman.

How to Put a Duvet Cover on a Comforter or Duvet

Here are some steps on how easily one can put on a duvet cover:
Step 1 – First of all, turn the cover of the duvet inside out.
Step 2 – Next, put it on the top of the bed and ensure that the opening of the cover is placed away from the place where you are standing.
Step 3 – Now, put the duvet on the top of the cover.
Step 4 – Next, have a look and ensure all the corners are properly aligned.
Step 5- You should stand on the opposite side of the duvet and start rolling the duvet and its cover altogether.
Step 6- After rolling the entire thing up, take one end of the roll in your hand and stuff the duvet inside.
Step 7- Now zip the cover and put the roll on your bed. Ensure the enclosure gets aligned with the bottom part of the bed.
Step 8- Finally, start unrolling and your work is over.

Why is Using a Duvet Cover a Good Idea?

  1. A duvet extends the life of your comforter, bed sheet and mattress while protecting it from stains and dust mites.
  2. For the best and long life of duvet use duvet covers. They are available in organic cotton, silk and other fabrics. There are zippers or buttons to give a perfect closure to the covers.
  3. These covers are lightweight, easy to wash along with other bed linens and you can easily buy duvets online of your choice.

How often should you change or wash your duvet cover?

Duvet covers are a lot easier to care for. Their care is like that of a blanket. You need to ensure that the duvet cover is washed timely. The time you change your bedspread or bed sheet is the best time to wash your duvet cover in the washing machine.
This is how you will never forget to wash them before it is too dirty. Also, it is best to refer to the manufacturer instructions before dry cleaning or washing the cover. Some materials may be sensitive to certain substances that can be avoided to prevent the deteriorating of the duvet cover.
You can also consider ironing the duvet cover to give a crisp look. It is a very cool technique especially during the winters as ironing gives a tinge of heat to the cover and is nice on the body.

Duvet Vs Comforter

An integral part of a bedding or a bed-in-a-bag set, a comforter is basically a soft & fluffy, and a thick as well as quilted blanket that is either white or comes in many other colour options. It consists of synthetic fibre materials like polyester or cotton blends. A duvet is a flat plus a softer form of comforter full of synthetic fibres, or feather or wool. The main thing that differentiates them from comforters is that duvets are not stitched or quilted.

Duvets & comforters are both useful bedding accessories. Both have separate advantages. It may be a tiring task to clean comforters, but duvets do not have to be cleaned very often as they don’t face the dirt issue. Besides, they are also convenient enough to store and are really affordable. Comforter sets, often including blankets or pillows as well, add a really cute look to the bed in terms of their texture, print, & pattern. Unlike a duvet that has to be stuffed inside a duvet cover, a comforter is totally a one-piece delight.

How to Choose a Duvet or Duvet Cover Online

Get duvets and their covers online. You need not go to the stores and search for the size, perfect fabric and bargain for the prices. In online shopping, you can sit at home and just place the orders 24*7.

Compare the prices with other brands, browse more and choose without any trouble. Online stores provide a wide range of colours, sizes, fabrics and prices with deals. There are mattress guides to give you easy online shopping tips and tricks.

It’s up to you to choose the material and print of the duvet, you can return the parcel if you are not satisfied or the product is not matching with the item you have chosen. Most of the sellers do not charge an extra amount for this service.

When buying a cover make sure that it is of the exact size of that of the duvets. Having a clear idea of the size of it can help you buy the best duvet covers respectively.


The perfect bedding accessories for your bedroom provide a luxurious feel and superb comfort for better sleep but remember if you have a custom made bed and duvet, you will only be able to use a company that can provide you with custom made bedding that will work with the items you already have at home. So, choose carefully when buying duvets online go through the above factors before considering a purchase.

Duvet covers are nothing but a large variety of bedding that has a flat and a soft bag. The insides of the duvet are usually made up of silk, wool, and feathers. Different types of lightweight duvets are available in the market. Generally, along with the duvet comes the duvet cover.

Springwel is the leading provider of duvet, duvet cover, comforter, pillow cover and bed cover. You can choose a wide variety of character and superhero printed duvet and duvet covers from the company and can add fun to your child’s life.

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