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7 reasons you stay awake at night and tips to avoid it

Sleeping for an uninterrupted, peaceful 8 hours every night is a dream for a lot of people. From teenagers to the elderly, it seems that people from all age groups have spent many nights awake. Either they have failed to sleep throughout the night, or they keep waking up.
Sleep is extremely essential for your body to function well. But lack of sleep not only affects your health but also your personality. So why is it that so many people lose their sleep and stay awake at night? Why do people face disturbances while sleeping? How do you fix it?

Reasons why you wake up in the middle of the night?

To find a cure to prevent staying awake at night or waking up every now and then, you will need to understand the reason behind it. Here are some of the reasons which might be behind your sleep disturbances:

Bathroom visits

Although a lot of people wake up at night to go to the washroom, quite a few stay awake even after that. This causes a major disruption in their sleep cycle, causing them to have a restless, sleepless night. Night visits to the washroom are often because of factors like too much fluid intake before sleeping, diabetes, UTI, or even blood pressure medicines.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a medical disorder where the breathing of a sleeping person keeps starting and stopping at various points at night. Waking up with a dry mouth or waking up because of your own snoring might indicate sleep apnea. Sleep apnea causes fatigue, restless nights, and numerous health issues that might come up due to sleep deprivation.

Anxiety and/or depression

Mental health and sleep seem to have a direct relationship with each other. Anxiety and depression tend to mess up the sleep cycle, resulting in sleep deprivation. Anxiety during the night has kept many awake for hours. Waking up at night with anxious thoughts might make it impossible to fall back to sleep.

Hot room

During the day, the body temperature is higher than that during the night. Sleeping in a hot room might raise the body temperature, making the body feel that it is time to wake up. Extremely hot rooms cause people to wake up with night sweats, making it sticky and uncomfortable for the body to be in a restful state.

Using phone before bed

The phone screen emits an artificial blue light that delays the circadian rhythm and suppresses melatonin. Melatonin is responsible for telling the body when it is time to sleep. Checking the phone right before bed disrupts the sleep cycle, causing your body to feel the need to be awake and alert.


A person suffering from Insomnia can hardly sleep if at all. If an insomniac falls asleep, he or she will not be able to have a deep sleep or to remain asleep for a long time. Insomnia can cause a lot of health issues for the people suffering from it. Medicines, caffeine, medical conditions, or stress – all these can cause insomnia.

Incorrect mattress

According to The Times of India, a mattress which is to firm creates pressure on the hips, the shoulder, and the lower back while a squishy mattress can just be uncomfortable. This means that the quality of the mattress affects sleep quality. If the mattress is uncomfortable, then sleeping on it is bound to cause sleep disturbances.

Is it bad to sleep in the day and stay awake at night?

According to the research done by the University of Colorado Boulder, sleeping during the day and staying awake at night can disrupt the time of day patterns and the levels of more than 100 proteins present in the blood, including the ones that influence blood sugar, immune function, and energy metabolism. In other words, sleeping at the wrong time and staying awake at the wrong time is definitely not good for the body.

Tips to avoid staying awake late-night

  • If you are wondering how to avoid staying awake all night long, then here a few helpful tips:
  • Avoid taking naps throughout the day.
  • Cut down your caffeine intake during the evening.
  • Select the right pillow to maximize airflow and prevent sleep apnea. Also, consult a doctor to prevent a chronic case of it.
  • Meditate, exercise, and indulge in meaningful hobbies to relax and become stress-free.
  • Keep the phone away at least two hours before going to bed.
  • Get a mattress that suits your needs and is able to give you a restful sleep.

Does your mattress affect sleep quality?

As mentioned above, the mattress plays a major role in the sleep cycle. An uncomfortable, firm mattress will ensure a restless night, while a foam mattress might help a person sleep better. Springwel has a range of mattresses suitable for insomnia which can also help combat other sleep disorders. A memory foam mattress also alleviates the extra pressure on the lower back, shoulders, and neck, making it comfortable for anyone to sleep on. A mattress that accommodates pillow tops can also help with sleep apnea.

In order to be able to sleep properly, one needs a mattress that will look after his sleeping needs. If you want a mattress that meets your needs the best, then check out the wide range that Springwel has to offer and find the best.

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