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Essential Questions To Help Find The Perfect Pillow

7 Essential Questions To Help Find The Perfect Pillow

Pillows date back to a time when prehistoric humans walked upright on two feet, they sought to support their head and neck in several ways, whether it was stone or wood. That doesn’t sound very comfortable right? Fortunately, pillows have evolved majorly over the last few years. Pillow choices are several that are downright confusing. Your perfect fibre pillow is within your reach. Here are a few questions by Springwel which can help you decide the ideal one for you.

1. What’s the go-to sleep position?

The perfect pillow comes down to a good sleep posture. If the neck and shoulders are not getting the support they need, you will most likely wake up with straining and discomfort. Though there are no strict rules for the kind of pillow you should have since sleepers change the position, there are some basic guidelines :

Side sleepers should choose something which is firm and thick.

Stomach sleepers can choose a soft and thin one.

Back Sleepers need supportive pillows to keep their head and neck in position.

2. What’s the mattress like?

Mattress and Pillow work together. The best mattress brand in India says that if you use a firm mattress, then a softer pillow is better. With a softer mattress, a firmer pillow will keep the head and neck aligned.

3. How do you sleep?

If you throw off the cover because you are warm, you will want to choose the pillow type carefully. The tempur traditional comfort pillow is a good option. Think down-filled ones or even a pillow with a water reservoir inside which can cool you down nicely.

4. How much do you want to spend?

The tempur pillow price is an affordable option. A good pillow is in the middle of the spending range, depending on the material used. However, if you do not wish to spend a lot of money for a pillow, be prepared to use and ditch.

5. How much effort can you put in caring for the pillow?

Cleaning the pillow is easier than cleaning the mattress. Some can be washed in the washing machine but check the manufacturer’s label before you attempt. Experts say that washing the pillows two to four times a year makes them last longer. You not only have the best mattress protector but also pillow protectors to keep them cleaner and boost longevity.

6. Do you have allergies?

If you have an allergy to feathers, skipping down pillows is a smart strategy. You can enjoy fluffiness and comfort with allergy-free variations that use hypoallergenic fill. Dust mites might be a problem so choose pillows that use a micro-weave cover which makes it tough for the little pests. A pillow protector can help you breathe easier.

So don’t ignore your pillow! It is such an important element of your sleep environment and having the right one under your head can make more comfortable and restful nights.

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