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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Buying Mattress Online

What makes more sense – buying a mattress from the showroom or buying it online? Ask any person and the common answer will be the former. Similar to shoes and clothes, mattresses are something which needs to be tried out in real life before an actual purchase, right?

But, this is not completely correct.

According to the Indian mattress brands and ones across the globe, buying mattress online is actually preferable. Here are some reasons why:

#1 Mattresses have individual characteristics: Just like people, no two mattresses are the exact same as each other. Even if you have two mattresses with the same brand and model, there will be small differences in their feel due to inconsistencies in the production and marketing. This is especially true for latex foam mattress and coir foam mattress.

#2  Distractions in the store may result in inadequate testing: When you are shopping, there are several distractions going on around you. The kids may be whining or your spouse must be hustling you to get a move on. The salesperson may be talking a mile a minute promoting the said product. Or it could be bright lights or the presence of other customers which eventually lead in an inadequate try-out session.

#3 The salesperson might be hassling you to make a purchase: Not all salespeople are bad but it’s not uncommon for them to pressure you into buying. This can range from the extreme hype-up of the product to actual threats. This is usually a result of store employees having to get quotas or attempting to get a commission for the day’s sales. Ideally, you get a salesperson who actually cares that you go home with an awesome bed that’s perfect for your needs but this is not the case in many occasions – especially if you have no long-term relationship with the brand or the salesperson.

#4 Online buyers tend to research more: Store buyers usually enter a store to get help from the store employees who have some measure of the expertise. Online buyers, however, know that they can only rely on themselves and so proceed to do what online buyers usually do — consult Google for the best brands, the best models, and feedback from previous buyers. Online buyers usually consult many sites and many reviews until they are sufficiently confident in pulling the trigger on an online purchase. However, more consumers report that buying online mattress is more durable and provide more comfort in the long-term than those bought from stores.

#5 Online retailers offer splendid customer service: Another dealbreaker with online mattress shopping in India is customer support. Buyers choose brands that have responsive customer service. From retailer’s end, it’s a way to be more competitive. And from buyer’s end, it’s way to safeguard yourself to have a problem with the purchase. The responsive customer service deals with quick replies to questions about products to savvy refunds for unhappy customers.

#6 You can score big discounts from an online purchase: You can save as much as 20% or more if you buy mattress online. A lot of online retailers and brand websites offer discounts regularly or you can search the Internet for coupon codes that you can apply at checkout.

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