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6 Signs You Should Change that Mattress Now

6 Signs You Should Change that Mattress Now!

Here is the list of the top six signs by Springwel to tell you when to replace the mattress –

1. Sleep better when you stay at a hotel

Do you find yourself sleeping better when you are traveling than in your own bed? If yes, this may be a sign to change the mattress. Many of us do not realize because of the hotel bedding products such as – breathable duvets, cotton sheets and supportive mattresses, just to name a few. Check out Springwel for superior quality mattresses.

2. Lost the bounce

Over time, the mattresses lose their spring and cushioning support which once made you buy them. It is about balancing surface area and pressure. If the bed is too soft, it can cause bad posture while you sleep. Too firm, it will put pressure on your joints and lower back, putting your spine into an unnatural position.

3. Wake up with aches and pains

Sleep is a significant part of our body’s healing process and on the right mattress your body is able to use the time to rejuvenate sore muscles and joints so that you can wake up feeling refreshed. If you are getting out of bed with pain and aches, it isn’t providing very good support anymore.

4. Hammock in the mattress

If you feel you are sagging in the mattress, even when you can’t see a noticeable drop, it is majorly due to the softening of the core in your full foam or memory foam mattress. A high resiliency core such as Springwel will keep the firmness and shape a lot longer than conventional ones.

5. Don’t remember when you last replaced it

A good quality mattress can give you years of comfortable sleep – but do you know when you last replaced it? There is no exact number to replace the mattress, but research suggests that mattresses older than five years need an upgrade due to wear and tear.

6. Finding it difficult to breathe

With time, your beds will accumulate allergens, dust and other undesirable things. If you are sniffling and sneezing every night, it gets better when you get out of the bed in the morning as there is probably something in your mattress.

Ready to part with your mattress? Springwel offers a huge variety of mattresses keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the customers.

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