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6 Shocking and Crazy Sleep Facts You Never Knew

Sleeping is more than a mere six to eight hours of resting cycle when your body and mind rejuvenate. Many researchers and scientists across the globe are studying and learning more about sleep every day. Some of the facts about sleep are likely to leave you in shock, as it’s more than just investing in beds and mattresses online.

Here are the six interesting sleep facts that you may not know

1. Sleep deprivation reduces pain tolerance levels

If you think buying the best beds in India could offer you better sleep, then you’re wrong. You need to be at peace mentally to get proper sleep at night. According to a study, if you’re sleep deprived, your pain threshold is likely to be reduced. However, the reason for this fact is not clear yet.

2. Around 41% of Britishers are observed to sleep in the foetal position

As per research by the director of the Sleep Assessment & Advisory Service, Professor Chris Idzikowski, 41% of the British population sleeps in the foetal position. The reason for this is also not known. Besides this position, other sleeping positions are free-faller, yearner, log, soldier and starfish.

Your sleeping position is also known to be linked with your personality. Furthermore, before you buy bed online, you must find a mattress as per your sleep position for better sleep.

3. Sleep apnoea can affect your hearing

Sleep apnea not only makes you wake up several times at night and make you feel exhausted the very next day. It even has a bad effect on your ears. As per a study conducted on around 14,000 adults, people with sleep apnoea were found to have reduced their hearing ability by 40%.

4. Sleep deprivation can kill a person more quickly than food deprivation

This is another shocking fact that your sleep deprivation is likely to kill you faster than food deprivation. That’s why many health and medical specialists emphasize proper sleep, besides investing in the best beds in India for extra comfort while sleeping.

5. You forget your 50% of your dream soon after waking up

Within five minutes of waking up, you’re likely to forget 50% of your dream.

According to Sigmund Freud, this happens because the dreams portray our repressed thoughts and our brain wants to get rid of these thoughts quickly after we wake up.

6. Some people indulge in unnatural body movements while sleeping

No matter how comfortable beds and mattresses are, certain people who suffer from parasomnia (a condition referring to unnatural movements while sleeping) are likely to sleep drive or even commit a crime like murder during their sleep.

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