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5 Essential Questions To Help You The Find Perfect Mattress!

Ready for a new mattress? Here’s how to find the one which suits you the best!

Compare Pros and Cons Mattress Types

One of the first places where people tend to get stuck in the buying process is choosing what mattress is best. There is no single type that will completely satisfy people but comparing pros and cons of different materials before you start shopping can give a little insight. For example, innerspring beds are widespread and familiar, the basic models can be fairly reasonable and initial comfort. However, these types of beds tend to be more prone to sagging and pain while also having a lower average owner satisfaction.

Memory foam, the second most popular type, rates highest in average owner satisfaction and is associated with good pain relief, longevity and motion isolation. As not all brands are equal, quality can vary widely.

Latex mattresses, air beds and waterbeds also have distinct benefits that will appeal to different people, so doing a little online research into these varieties and technologies can be helpful for deciphering differences you’ll encounter when shopping.

Will the mattress support me?

It might not be able to solve all your problems, but your mattress needs to have your back. It should keep the spine in a neutral position and support the body evenly to take the weight off the pressure points. In the Springwel mattresses, the springs are in individual pockets so that they move with you instead of against you. There’s a high quality of memory foam which molds to your body shape and for sleep which leaves you feeling seriously supported.

What’s the size?

When it comes to mattresses, size matters. Besides from how much space your bedroom has, the size of the mattress depends on how space you like to have when you snooze. For back sleepers who sprawl out, a larger size is going to be the key in keeping the peace between the sleeping partners while curled up side sleepers can get away with something smaller. Springwel, a leading mattress supplier offers various sizes suiting your needs and requirements.


Price often proves to be a point of confusion amongst the buyers. There is no MAGIC price that you should spend but what the average people pay for a new mattress differs. Buying a very expensive mattress is no guarantee of comfort but there are well-rated beds in cheaper price ranges as well. Rather than aiming to spend a specific price, set a ceiling which makes sense for your budget and then choose mattresses within that range. Look for options which match the list of preferences and that have good quality and reviews compared to other options in the range.

Can I try before I buy?

Research by mattress suppliers say that it takes around 30 days for your body to adjust to a new mattress, so only the bravest of sleepers would give the nod to one they couldn’t return. For the rest of us, it’s important to choose one that lets you take it for a test drive before making the commitment to keep it for good. If you don’t like it, you can return it for any reason for a full refund. Some mattress suppliers can even come and pick it up, so there’s nothing to lose sleep over.

So equipping yourself with information and focusing on what you find comfortable makes it easier to steer through options, compare quality and analyze reviews – all of which will help to choose the right mattress for better sleep.

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